Glass Block LED Matrix

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Turn the glass block wall in the bathroom at the Hive into a giant LED matrix.



Part Source Status Description
Rainbowduino cjdavis has purchased (Wednesday). Scheduled for overnight delivery by UPS: #1Z752Y731394565108 Thanks to Great customer service from NKC Electronics - LED matrix controller, can be daisy chained together, or used singly
56 X RGB LEDs Many 7 purchased from NKC Electronics, and Dave ordered 70 of these here: shiny; (rainbowduino needs common anode type!)
Connector board DIY TBD Daughter board to plug into the rainbowduino headers and hold connectors for the LED wire harness. Turns out this is not going to be particularly complicated, just tedious. We simply need to wire up a breadboard with 4 RJ45 connectors, one each for red, green, blue, and power. This will require: perfboard, 4 RJ45 connectors, 32 header pins, a whole bunch of jumpers, and some patience with the soldering iron.
Wire harness Misc TBD Ethernet cabling and connectors - also turns out to be pretty simple. We are going to build the entire array on a piece of plywood or chipboard that we have at the hive already. a 7x8 grid of holes on 8" centers will be drilled, and the LEDs fixed in them (hot glue?). Anode lines will be connected down each column, and the RGB lines will be connected across each row. Everything will terminate in 4 RJ45 sockets, which can simply be connected to the daughterboard with cat-5 Ethernet cables.
Power supply Rainbowduino will take anywhere between 5.5v and 9v, but is highly recommended to stay with 6-6.5v