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Project Abstract

Whiteboards are awesome, Bigger whiteboards are more awesome. We have a large space and I think a large (wall size) whiteboard would be epic. However, I also think that having a whiteboard that we can move around the space would be nice and convenient for meetings.

Also, we are not restricted to just one whiteboard, we could make a wall whiteboard and also have a mobile one.

Project Research

There are several important issues to consider in researching obtaining or constructing a space whiteboard, the major ones that occur to me are:

  • Location -- The location determines size, accessibility, and read-ability.
    • Mobile whiteboard with wheels
    • Mobile Whiteboard in an easel type construction
    • Whiteboard Wall -- Cover a wall with whiteboard material
    • Mounted Whiteboard -- Framed whiteboard that hangs on the wall
  • Material
    • Whiteboard Writing Surface
      • Commercial whiteboard you go buy
        • Very Durable, Will not stain easily, Pre-constructed
        • Expensive for a medium size, let alone large board. (4'x6' @ $185)
      • Dry Erase board paint
      • Shower Board
        • Would need to go to a local Home Depot or other home improvement to check, but reports of $10 for a 4x8 sheet
        • Reports vary according to different manufacturers, some have a slight texture, others do not erase easily.
        • I found a good wiki page describing issues // cleaning methods: http://wiki.xtronics.com/index.php/Shower_Board_as_a_white_Board
        • This would probably be one of the cheapest // least work intensive methods of covering a wall, however we would need to really look into, and test, different brands // types to find the best one.
      • Glass
        • Easily erasable, readily available
        • Danger of breaking it, not sure on the cost. (glass is fairly expensive for large panes and is very heavy. Might want to get a quote from dickies glass or somewhere else in the area for comparison though.)
      • Plexiglass // Lexan