Ham Radio Station

Hive13 Project
Ham Radio Station
Status: Active
Project Location: Left of main entrance
Where to contribute: Hive13
Start Date: 12/09/2021

Current Equipment

Model Description Owner/On Loan From Picture Manual(s)
Icom IC-735 HF base station Jackson Buraczewski
Astron RS-35A 12V power supply Jackson Buraczewski
MFJ-949E HF antenna tuner Hive13
Dell Optiplex 9010 Windows PC Jackson Buraczewski
Cha Emcomm ii End-fed multiband HF Antenna Ryan Anderson EMCOMM II Manual

Remaining Equipment Needed for Station

Description Approx. Cost Reason Example Link
Multi-band Dipole fan antenna (10m-80m) $170.00 Can't receive or transmit without an antenna https://www.dxengineering.com/parts/alf-dx-cc
200ft Coax feed line $120.00 Connects base station to antenna on outside of building
Equipment 1/2 rack $50.00 Organization for station components
LCD Monitor, Keyboard & Mouse $50.00 Allows Windows PC to be used
Mounting hardware (TBD) $100.00 Used to hang the antenna and run feed line cabling

Dipole Antenna Mounting Ideas

Current thinking:

Mount the dipole just below the 3rd floor window on the north side of the building. It will be held in place by pieces of PVC pipe, attached to the building via PVC brackets. If possible, all PVC material should be black.

Parts List:

  • 1 x 3/4" T-Joint
  • 10ft 3/4" PVC pipe (cut as needed to support the antenna)
  • 12x 3/4" PVC pipe brackets
  • 16c 3/4" PVC pipe couplers (keeps pipe from sliding out of brackets)
  • External fasteners for attaching brackets to the building
Antenna Mounting Diagram