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GT40 Lunar Lander.jpg This page is about Hive13 history.
More History can be found at the following pages:

Before Formation

Dave Menninger's story

I remember hearing about hackerspaces from a few places online, but the article in Wired really crystallized it for me, like I think it did for a lot of people around the country. I wrote this blog post and went out to try and find other people into the idea locally.

I found Chris Anderson via his dorkbot-cinci page and met up with him at a Cinci2600 meeting at The Brewhouse. He said he was aware of a few others from 2600 and some other people too and I suggested we create a mailing list and meet up sometime. I think that's when we created the Google Group.

I remember Jason Bailey joining the Google Group and bring in a ton of people from ArsClan. Through the mailing list I think we scheduled our first meeting at Panera.

First Meetings


  • Panera
  • Taza

Getting the Space


  • incorporation paperwork
  • Craig and Dave visit the space ( locate the youtube videos )
  • sign lease, first meeting in the space
  • figuring out dues/budgets

Epic Events


  • parties
    • first party
    • jesus respawns
    • open house
  • got makerbot
  • got laser
  • maker faire
  • early classes and meetups



  • maker meetups at arnolds
  • losantiville
  • koipound
  • arsclan
  • maker faire