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GT40 Lunar Lander.jpg This page is about Hive13 history.
More History can be found at the following pages:

Before Formation

Dave Menninger's story

I remember hearing about hackerspaces from a few places online, but the article in Wired really crystallized it for me, like I think it did for a lot of people around the country. I wrote this blog post and went out to try and find other people into the idea locally.

I found Chris Anderson via his dorkbot-cinci page and met up with him at a Cinci2600 meeting at The Brewhouse. He said he was aware of a few others from 2600 and some other people too and I suggested we create a mailing list and meet up sometime. I think that's when we created the Google Group.

I remember Jason Bailey joining the Google Group and bring in a ton of people from ArsClan. Through the mailing list I think we scheduled our first meeting at Panera.

Your Story Here

First Meetings


We met once at Panera in Clifton. It was the first time many of us had met face to face. It was April 25, 2009. There were about 11 people. We talked about how the group should be organized. Should we incorporate? How will we get money for rent? We talked about what kind of equipment we wanted to have. WE also broke down into the "working groups" that worked on specific tasks: Paper Pushers, Meatspacers, Tool and Skillmongers, Scroungers and Scavengers, Propagandists, and Communications. We decided to meet again in two weeks to see if anything had been accompmlished.


Our second meeting was on May 9, 2009 at Taza in Clifton. Again there were 11 people, but some were new faces. Chris Anderson had given a recent talk and we had listed ourselves on hackerspaces.org so we were already attracting people. We talked more about how the organization should be formed, what type of non-profit, what kind of board, etc.

We met as a group again at Taza on May 23, 2009, June 2, 2009, June 9, 2009, June 16, 2009, and June 23, 2009. On June 11, 2009 Chris, Craig, Dave, and Jason met at Taza to finialize and sign Ohio Form 532 which incorporated Sad Bee, Inc..

Sad Bee, Inc.

Getting the Space


  • incorporation paperwork
  • Craig and Dave visit the space ( locate the youtube videos )
  • sign lease, first meeting in the space
  • figuring out dues/budgets

Epic Events


  • parties
    • first party
    • jesus respawns
    • open house
  • got makerbot
  • got laser
  • maker faire
  • early classes and meetups



  • maker meetups at arnolds
  • losantiville
  • koipound
  • arsclan
  • maker faire