History of Area Warden Budgeted Expenditures

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Hive13 Warden Purchase Spreadsheet

The below link goes to the Google Sheets spreadsheet on the Hive13 Shared Drive Financial showing the history of Warden Budgeted Expenditures.


Different members have different access privileges to view and/or edit this shared spreadsheet document. Only the Treasurer has Write access to maintain this working document. Leadership (Hive13 Officers and the Board of Directors) have somewhat-more-restricted "comment" access to this working document. Hive13 general membership has more restricted "view-only" access to this working document.

The goal is to have total transparency, with regularly reported, documented, traceable, auditable, "easy-to-request" and "easy-to-accomplish" treasurer accounting for warden expenditures and reimbursements.  

Overview and Rationale

This page provides a summary explanation for "Warden Expenses" and includes a link to the Google Sheets spreadsheet on the Hive13 Shared Drive Financial site showing the history of Warden Budgeted Expenditures.

These expenses include a wide variety of operating items such as toilet paper, furnace filters, shop rags, restocking the soda machine, cleaning supplies, selected expendable materials (like sand paper, band-saw blades, 3D printing filament, welding gas), maintaining inspected fire extinguishers, stocking the first-aid kit, maintaining the shop machines, and making nominal improvements.

These necessary, every-day expenditures fall below the financial threshold requiring a formal vote of the membership.

The Warden Expenditure and Reimbursement Process

We often say the Hive13 is a "Do-ocracy". Hive13 Officers and wardens are un-paid volunteers that willingly provide more-than-their-share of the "DO" and are committed to serve the membership in these roles. They deserve your gratitude, cooperation, and support. Their efforts do not absolve ALL members from also going-the-extra-mile to keep Hive13 excellent. We all do our best. We are better today that we were in the past and we continue to improve.

Our methods to achieve our operating goals are intentionally informal and somewhat flexible based on evolving tribal knowledge. The COO and wardens make agreed expenditures at personal expense. The $250.00 monthly allowance is a budget. Some months may be less. Other months may be more. They will average out over any given year.

The member that then makes any such authorized/agreed warden expenditure submits a reimbursement request email to the treasurer. The treasurer reviews and reimburses the member for the expense. There are some procedural requirements to provide a documented trail for the expense reimbursement, and reconcile the individual warden expenditures in the Hive13 Warden Purchase Spreadsheet to the associated reimbursements in the Hive13 Open Finance monthly accounting records.

Have a comment or suggested improvement? Contact anyone in leadership in person or send an email to leadership@hive13.org to reach us all. Consider to step-up and take a more active role!