History of Member-Voted Expenditures

The below link goes to the Google Sheets spreadsheet on the Hive13 Shared Drive Financial showing the history of Member-Voted Expenditures.


Members using their 'name@hive13.org' email should have VIEW ONLY access to this sheet.

How this Member-Voted Spreadsheet Works

The goal is to have total transparency, with regularly reported, documented, tracable, auditable, "easy-to-request" and "easy-to-accomplish" treasurer accounting showing the status of reimbursements for member voted expenditures.

  • Each voted expenditure in this list is assigned a sequential ID number in the form (yyyymmdd)
  • If there are multiple votes on a single meeting night the assigned ID number includes a suffix letter (a, b, c, ...) in the form yyyymmdda, yyyymmddb, yyyymmddc, etc.
  • Each vote sequential ID number shown in this list links to the meeting minutes from the week of the vote
  • The descriptive name for the vote links to the google group discussion thread for reference.
  • Each entry includes fields showing the PASSED outcome, and added detail such as IN-PROCESS, COMPLETED, etc. with dates
  • The record includes a link to current in-process realization implementation progress over time
  • The final financial realization for each vote in the list will tie to the monthly financial accounting records and the updated budgets

Legacy Member-Voted Expenditures

The following legacy 2019 data remains to be moved to the above spreadsheet format