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(Added disk and gear designs for H^13 and Hive 13.)
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File:HIVE-SHIRT-GUY.jpg|tshirt mock-up
File:HIVE-SHIRT-GUY.jpg|tshirt mock-up
File:WikiURLqrCode.png|QR Code that reads ""
File:WikiURLqrCode.png|QR Code that reads ""
File:Hive H^13 2in round logo cyan.png| First draft for project [[:File:Hive H^13 2in round logo cyan SVG.svg|(SVG version)]]
File:Hive 2in round logo yellow.png|[[:File:Hive 2in round logo yellow SVG.svg|(SVG version)]]
File:Hive H^13 2in gear logo yellow.png|[[:File:Hive H^13 2in gear logo yellow SVG.svg|(SVG version)]]
File:Hive 2in gear logo yellow.png|[[:File:Hive 2in gear logo yellow SVG.svg|(SVG version)]]

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This page is for uploading artwork/concept/designs related to the Hive13 project. This can be logos, t-shirts, backgrounds whatever. Anything posted in this forum is considered under the creative commons license.

If possible please upload in the original file format and size.

Hive13 Related Art Tutorials

Logo Gallery

Once an artist feels their work is good enough to be used for a logo they should put it in this category.

The main logo uses the terminator font which can be found here:


None Yet

Conceptual Work

Place concept ideas, images and sketches for potential logos and what-not here.

Background WIPs

A gallery for potential background wallpapers or hi-res image Work-In-Progress material.


These are the graphics on the hive13 tshirts.