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Hive13 Project
Hive13 Mame Cabinet
Status: Active
Start Date: 12/20/2009


We have two standup arcade units. We will be combining these into one good unit and will either donate or scrap out the other one. This cabinet will stay in the space and will be 100% open source/open hardware and it is intended for people to be able to pimp it out and add features whenever they feel inspired. While this cabinet will be free to play for members I would like to set the coin door to accept coins/tokens to play for fund raisers, etc.

Progress so far

We have moved the coin doors and prepared the main base. The control panel has been cleaned. The marque has been printed and is ready.


Sorry, I have been bad about keeping this up to date. I will working on updating this section as we work on things.


These things still need to be done (as of 1/15/10)

  • Build a linux box for the system
  • Measure and draw out the proposed button layout
  • Rent some kind of hole punch from Home Depot to make the buttons in the metal
  • Buy buttons and controlers
  • Ensure the JAMMA harness in complete and finish wiring
  • Start building the Hive13 MAME Menu Software
  • MAME Party