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Hive13 Project
Hive13 IRC Bot
Status: Active
Start Date: 6/14/2010



For a while now I have been meaning to work on an IRC bot for the Hive13 IRC room hosted on (Webchat Link).

This bot will start off by just automating simple tasks, for example auto-opping members. A goal of the project is to make the bot easily extensible with new features allowing us to adapt and improve the bot as time goes on.

Source code is currently located at Paul's SVN server . It is currently implemented as a NetBeans 6.8 java project. I currently have the project set up so that people can check out the code, but check-ins are disallowed unless you have an account. Until we move the code to a more appropriate location anyone that wants to commit changes can contact me and I (Paul) will set up an SVN account for you.

Longer term goals include tieing the bot into the Twitter API and the Google Calendar API.

Project Manager


  • Add yourself here if you have contributed to this project.

Project Status

User:Paul has found a Java IRC API library that makes accessing the IRC room a lot easier and created a simple demo project. The project has been added to an SVN server. Currently brainstorming ideas for implementation.

What Needs to be Done

  • Research the feasibility of various ideas mentioned below.
    • Google Calendar API
    • Twitter API
    • How adaptable is the PircBot library?
  • Figure out an easily extensible design for the actual bot.
  • Hammer out what all features people might like to see.

Project Needs

Project Information


IRC Task Automator


  1. Automatically give operator status to Hive13 members who join the IRC room.
    • Username is too easily spoofed, so we need a way to check if the user is logged into an approved account before opping.

Communication Aggregator


A bot would enable us to better tie the chat room into the other communication mediums we use as a group. As it stands now we are fractured into 3 major communication groups:

  1. Mailing List
  2. IRC Room
  3. Meetings

With numerous less utilized mediums:

  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Flickr
  • Google Calendar
  • Hive13 Blog
  • Hive13 Wiki

There are of course people that utilize all of these communications mediums, but there are also people that tends to stick to only one or two of them. The bot could help tie the other communication mediums into the IRC room while also tieing the chat room back into the communication loop.


  • Automate alerting other people when someone says they are going to be at the hackerspace.
    • Ex. User123 says, "I am going to be @hive13 in about an hour", Hive13Bot uses the Twitter API to send out a tweet stating: User13 said 'I am going to be @hvie13 in about an hour'
  • Someone posts an update on either Youtube, Flickr, or the Hive13 Blog we send out an alert to the chat room, "Jimbo Jones just made a post on the Hive13 blog titled 'Lockpicking at Hive13'"
  • Use the google calendar API to automatically update the topic of the chat room as events draw near.