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Yerba Mate Soda, “Hive Mate” Mike Horwath Aug 2016 Makes 5 gallons Inspired by Club-Mate produced by Loscher Brewery: Modified version of recipe by Dave Toews: Ingredients: • 400 g loose Yerba Mate tea leaves o I used Rosamonte Especiale, ordered on Amazon • 650 g sugar • 6 cups agave syrup o Could substitute another 650 g sugar • 4000 mg Caffeine o I dissolved No-Doze pills and filtered out solids (corn starch) o Use caution if handling pure caffeine—danger of excess exposure • 2.5 tsp. citric acid • 2 tbsp. robust molasses (I used “Grandma’s” brand) • 0.25 tsp. Angostura orange bitters • Homebrewer’s kegging supplies: 5-gallon Corny Keg, CO2 tank, regulator Instructions: 1. Cold-brew the Yerba Mate tea by mixing leaves into ~3 L water, and letting soak in refrigerator for 12-24 hours. 2. Filter out the tea. I used a spaghetti colander to get out most of the leaves, followed by a fine mesh strainer. 3. Heat ~1-gallon water in a large pot. Dissolve sugar, agave syrup, caffeine, citric acid and molasses. 4. Combine hot mixture and tea in keg, and fill to 5 gallons with cold water. 5. Add orange bitters 6. Seal keg, shake to mix, and carbonate to 15 psi.