Hive Migration Brainstorm

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Hive13 Project
Hive Upgrade Committee
Status: Inactive
Start Date: 7/29/2014
End Date: TBD

This page is here to organize information in regards to the possibility of the Hive13 Makerspace moving to a new location.

Goals of the Committee: To seek out and find a larger building for the hive.

Secondary goals: To consolidate Marketing/PR information for future use. To use Grants/donations left over to improve what the hive is capable of.


This section is to introduce how we fit into the community, examine our needs and how they fit in towards contributions to the community.

Questions to answer:

  • What is the vision of our expansion, what do we hope to do?
  • What are the interests of others, and how can we meet them?
  • What do we provide to the hosting community?
  • What rules and categorizations apply to non-profits?
  • What are our needs?
  • What type of location?
  • What is the driving reason to move?


This section details the desired characteristics of the building and location we intent to move to.

  • Close to UC or Xavier(?). Art districts. Developing areas. Industrial areas. etc. Close to interstate.
  • How safe is the area the building is located in?
  • What areas do we want portioned out for the hive?
    • Needs a kitchen!
    • Needs reliable parking space.
    • Multiple toilets
    • Fab-lab.
    • Woodworking area.
    • Lounge.
    • Potential business space (profit fed back into hive for non-profit status)
    • Rentable apartment space


This section describes the logistics and financial feasibility of such an endeavor to migrate the hive, as well as present different options to pursue.

Questions to answer:

    • Donations
      • By City, Township Indivual or Business
        • City Council: Cincinnati has a history to throw money at anything that may improve the city. Maker spaces have the potential to improve the area, through community outreach and education. The Columbus idea foundry did this and the City of Columbus bent over backwards. (The Columbus maker space is for profit, we are not: This can work in our favor.)
      • Property
      • Cash
    • Business Loans
  • What is the cost estimate?
  • What size is needed?
    • To allow proper long term growth for new projects and long term growth: We need a minimal of triple our current size (current size is ~3500SqFT)
  • How much can be saved through in-house engineering?
  • What will this financial estimate cover?
  • Will we be able to cover future costs, and how?
    • Assume a loss of 20% revenue, Calculate costs at 80% current revenue with no additional donations.


This section is a showcase of all our past achievements, contributions, and things to come. May just be a guided tour of the projects to emphasize accomplishments. Having clear examples of what we do will assist with the possibility of acquiring a grant.

Possible sources:

  • Youtube
  • Classes we provide
  • Official forms