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Hosting a class:

Email with the following information, also ping me on slack at @willb to make sure I actually saw your email. It can get lost...

  • Class Title
  • Proposed Date
  • Proposed Time
  • Proposed Length
  • Maximum number of Attendees
  • Cost of Class
  • Description of Class
  • Any Special Instructions

I will review the date and additional information and if there are no questions, I will

  1. Schedule the event on Meetup
  2. Create an announcement on the Hive Blog
  3. Create the entry on the calendar
  4. Repost the event on Facebook and Twitter

I will then notify you that it has been completed.

If there are questions I will contact you prior to posting. Questions such as if there are conflicts with another event scheduled at that time, Changes to the description, etc.

You will receive an update from me within 24hr letting you know the status.

Notes on creating a description: The better a description of the class you provide, the faster and easier I can get it posted. If you aren’t good at write-ups, as long as you provide a clear explanation, I can craft something for you to review. If you have any pictures related to the class please provide them. If you have previously I hosted this class, let me know and I can reuse the description.

Additionally, If you want to create a standing event weekly, or monthly, that can be created and it will automatically re-occur.