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The Hot Crafts Area is home to a great variety of different activities! The include the following:


Kevin M. is the Warden for the Hot Crafts Area (as of Feb 2022).

Committee Meetings

The hot crafts committee meetings, which are open to all members interested in the hot crafts area, are on the First Monday of every month.

Recent Meetings
Hot Crafts Committee Meeting - March 7th, 2022
Hot Crafts Committee Meeting - February 7th, 2022
Hot Crafts Committee Meeting - January 3rd, 2022

To-Do List

Jewelry & Metalsmithing

  • Add receiver hitch mounts to bench and table for big vice, install vice on hitch mount

Stained Glass


  • Make and wire sample beads to soft glass tubes (In progress)


General Use and Other Equipment

  • Table
    • Replace pulled out screws, use 1/4-20 thread inserts to improve durability (parts on hand)
    • Add receiver hitch mount for big vice, install vice on hitch mount
  • Sink
    • Plumb up high volume faucet (Faucet on hand, may need fittings)
    • Rigidly mount sink back to wall and feet into floor


  • All ceramics area equipment (emphasis on basic process being documented)
  • All jewelry bench equipment (bench tools and casting)
  • All stained glass and slumping/fusing equipment/processes


Jewelry & Metalsmithing

  • Soldering torch at bench
  • dust collection/ventilation
  • Under-bench pull-out trays as catch pans
  • proper jewelry bench
  • Wax injector
  • Electric Furnace

Stained Glass

  • T-Square w/ 1/4" bead for strip cutting
  • hole/circle cutter
  • Ring Saw


  • Taller kiln
  • Oxygen Concentrator/compressor setup (to eliminate the need to buy oxygen)
  • Miniature Furnace and glory hole


  • clay filter/trap/rinse area (not attached to sink)
  • Schedule system
  • extruder

General Use and Other Equipment

  • Air hose for cleaning/drying work and to run a wax injector


Hot Crafts is one of areas/wards in Hive13, added during the buildout of our space in 2701SG. It can be found on the Floorplan between columns D4, E4, D5, and E5.

HIVE13 floorplan.png