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Jewelry & Metalsmithing

  • Re-machine vice so jaws are square
  • Add shelving around sink for tumblers and ultrasonic cleaner
  • Add receiver hitch mount to bench for big vice, install vice on hitch mount

Stained Glass

  • Repair band saw


  • Wire sample beads to soft glass tubes (In progress)
  • Replace wooden table support by kiln with a steel welded-in support


  • Add vent hood over kiln (in progress)
  • Extend kiln downdraft vent fan cord to plug into vent hood plug (in progress)
  • Consolidate ceramics stuff to wood shelves and make room for tumblers on green shelves

General Use and Other Equipment

  • Table - Replace pulled out screws, use 1/4-20 thread inserts to improve durability
  • Drywall - finish corner with missing sheet
  • Sink
    • Add retractable spray faucet
    • Rigidly mount sink back to wall and feet into floor
    • Add shelves over sink (one suitable for holding the ultrasonic if possible, get rid of those black shelves that always become a mess)


  • All ceramics area equipment (emphasis on basic process being documented)
  • All jewelry bench equipment (bench tools and casting)
  • All stained glass and slumping/fusing equipment/processes