Hot Crafts Area/Wishlist

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Jewelry & Metalsmithing

  • Soldering torch at bench
  • dust collection/ventilation
  • Under-bench pull-out trays as catch pans
  • proper jewelry bench
  • Wax injector
  • Electric Furnace

Stained Glass

  • T-Square w/ 1/4" bead for strip cutting
  • hole/circle cutter
  • Ring Saw


  • New Serrated Tweezers (ours are beat up)
  • Flat Tweezers (ours went missing)
  • Angled Tweezers
  • Hemostat Tweezers
  • Rimless Marble Mold
  • Torch-top marver for Bobcat torch
  • Taller kiln
  • Oxygen Concentrator/compressor setup (to eliminate the need to buy oxygen)
  • Miniature Furnace and glory hole


  • Kiln Controller ( programmable, 3 zone for big kiln)
  • clay filter/trap/rinse area (not attached to sink)
  • Schedule system
  • extruder

General Use and Other Equipment

  • Air hose for cleaning/drying work and to run a wax injector