How To Host a Class

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Find an Instructor

Are you the instructor? Good! Then you're already done with this step.

If you're not the instructor, find someone who knows about the thing you want to learn. Ask on the Mailing List. Check out the Skills Exchange page. If you find someone, let them know it's for a good cause.

Pick a Date

We like to hold classes on Wednesday nights, but any night is possible. Check the Current Events to see if there is anything else scheduled at the same time. Make sure your date works for your instructor. Let the COO or the Education Committee know about it so they can put it on the class schedule.

Invite Students

Post your class idea to the Mailing List and start taking down names to find out how many people can come. Consider using something like to take reservations.

Scope out the Facilities

Make sure Hive13 has everything your instructor will need. Chairs? Tables? Power strips? Solder? Ponies? If there is something you need that we don't have, check with our COO and they can see what we can do.


You can charge for the class or not. Mostly people will give their classes for free, but charge for materials. If you charge an instruction fee, you might consider donating some of it to Hive13, but you don't have to.

Promote It

Post about your class on the blog, tweet it, facebook it, and put it on the wiki. Consider hanging up flyers at Hive13 so people that stop by will know about it. When the week of your class arrives, let the people in our IRC room know so they can set the room topic to announce your event.


Make sure that a Hive13 member will be available to be on the premises for the entire time of the class. A member with the door code will need to open up the space before the class begins and lock it up after the last person leaves.

Setup / Teardown

Please find volunteers to set up the space before the class and clean up afterwards if the class will involve making any messes.