January 10, 2017

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Previous Meeting: January 3, 2017 Meeting Procedure Next Meeting: January 17, 2017


Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.



  • Noise Curfew - Quiet hours are 10:30pm to 7am until further notice.
  • Liability waivers must be legible

Old Business

  • CNC Classes Continue
    • Saturday January 21 from 10am to 4pm (with a break in there for lunch).
  • CNC Dust Collection
    • Can we add a manometer to the collector so we can see if it’s working?
  • What to do with our new space?
  • We seem to have lost some of our medium quick clamps.

New Business

  • We need a fellowship day or two
    • Movie night? Game night?
    • Meeting up for food and drink somewhere NOT at the Hive.


Improve Dust Collection System - up to $1000
Local # # #
Online 0 0 4
Edge Technology Pro Tram System - $130
Local # # #
Online 0 0 3
  • DC Online Votes- Tim Gregg, Andrew More, Coy Paeltz, Lorin Parker
  • Tram Online Votes - Tim Gregg, Brad Walsh, Mike Horwath


Old Business

  • CNC Classes continue. The next class is on January 21st. From 10A to 4P.
  • Previous classes canceled due to weather were rescheduled for Groundhog Day.
  • NooSpace Discussion
    • Discussion will occur in person and on the mailing list over the next 3 weeks.
    • We are considering instant runoff voting.
  • Quick Clamps are still missing. Bwuh?

New Business

  • Ian is about to announce the open finance site link.
  • Nancy - Has a friend with a store closing. Shelving, Glass display cases, wire racks, etc are being liquidated. Contact Nancy if you are interested. Some things are free for the taking.


improve dust collection system - up to $1000
Local 1 2 8
Online 0 0 4
Total 1 2 12
Edge Technology Pro Tram System - $130
Local 6 0 5
Online 0 0 3
Total 6 0 8

Round Tuit Round

  • Jim D - Working with Ian on the open finance website. Working with Tiffany on class record keeping.
  • John S - Teaching CNC classes.
  • Brent - Recently bought a house. Refurbing an old Korg synthesizer. Working for the CAC on a distributed Arduino project.
  • Franklin - Working with setting up a home automation system for his parents. Echo dot, etc.
  • Mark - New visitor. Found out about us at the library makerspace. Volunteers at Building Value in NorthSide. Interested in 3D printing.
  • John - Developing a fine UC Surplus addiction.
  • Dave - Has been out of town for the holidays.
  • Will B - Catching up on delayed work. Working on CAC Arduino project.
  • Nancy - Helped to move an army surplus store into storage.
  • Ryan - working on some welding projects
  • Elly - Has been exploring the intricacies of Flour.