January 13, 2015

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old business

  • Welding Table Update
  • Gigabot update
  • Area wardens
    • They can start organizing things for the mini open house!
  • Kitchen lights and leak
  • Big CNC update
  • New Popup Cincy Event
  • Tool borrowing

New business

  • Rick is selling his electric motorcycle!
  • Empty space next door


  • Julien - Shapeoko
  • Franklin - Got his car fixed
  • Jason - something
  • John P - something
  • Ian B - Cleaned the popcorn machine and bought a couch
  • Ivan - worked a lot
  • Jim S - board meeting, hive stuff
  • Katie - Helping Jim S with something. Prototyping soil formations for work.
  • Joseph - Adjusting his mist humidifier. Converting stuff from bash to node.js
  • John S - Posted a picture on the wiki!
  • Chris Davis - researching information for his rowing machine.
  • Dave M - Worked on a Dogecoin faucet. Library is opening a makerspace.
  • Kirk - Worked a lot, bought a ukelele
  • Mike - working with mice a lot and fixed a door bell
  • Ryan - Eating a muffin
  • Lorin - Will join if we let him pay. :) Just finished 300 pages on why he should keep his job.
  • Nancy - Something
  • Brad - can't remember
  • Jon - taught KiCad class, recorded the wrong thing.
  • Elly - Woodshop stuff
  • James - Making a mess in the woodworking area.
  • Dustin - Helped find the couch, did research on auction-esque stuff.
  • Charlie - Worked on a toy dinosaur
  • Hodapp - Made tea a lot and researched types
  • Ryan - member, hasn't been here in a long time.


  • Vote for Lounge Couch
    • $500 for two couches and a love seat
    • Everyone here says yes!
  • Gigabot update
    • New electronics are glitching.
  • 3d printing
    • Ivan will teach a polar3d class.
  • Tool borrowing policy
    • Check the mailing list
  • Meetup
    • Makers group trying to form over in kentucky
  • Laser out of alignment. Halp!
  • CaC and UC have a few artists in the tangeman university center.
    • Next thursday
  • Rick is selling his electric motorcycl! $1200 for the lot. All of the electronics are worth >$3000. Really great deal! Range is 30 miles round trip.
    • Send Paul an email if you're interested
  • Empty space next door
    • Approx 20x30ft. $350/mo and w eare not sure if that includes utilities or not.
    • We are toying with the idea of having rentable workspaces and rentable storage. Something like $100/mo for a 10ftx10ft workspace and $25 or $50/mo for a possibly pallet sized storage area/container.
    • Very meh response.