January 21, 2014

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

  • Proposal for more pallet racks
  • Proposal for new lights
  • DIYBio workshop

New Business

  • Proposal-no meeting on 2nd Tuesdays when we have speaker?
  • New floor for dirty room?
  • Plasma cutter
  • Chaos Computer Club


  • Mike
  • Hodapp
  • Nancy
  • Jason
  • Jon
  • Dave
  • Ryan
  • Brent
  • "Not Here" AKA Shadoxx
  • Tye
  • Franklin
  • Ian
  • Paul
  • Dave
  • Ellie
  • Dave B(virtual)


Old Business

  • Pallet Racks--email vote has occurred, voting at meeting tonight
    • Proposal is: 1 new unit, similar to our current size, but with more shelving levels
    • $700 budget for president and COO to buy shelves.
    • A couple leads for purchasing: Indianapolis, Hutch's Boss.
    • Unanimous vote yes
  • New lights--our fluorescents are slowly dying, do we want LEDs?
    • we already have one LED light to hang up, thanks to Ian.
      • It is super bright.
      • We would like to improve light for back area over meeting table, also in the dirty room.
    • Discussion: should we replace all at once? or replace as the old ones burn out?
      • All at once: efficiency, would look nice. One at a time: better for budget
      • We need 10-15 lights. The nice LED ones are $200 each.
      • Fluorescents are cheaper. $60 for the fixture, plus ~$20 for bulbs.
      • LEDs are probably going to fall in price as time goes on (hopefully)
      • Dave knows a guy who has a lighting business. Might get us good prices?
        • Ian will send Dave info to investigate this.
    • Dave B (via video):Halides are nice and inexpensive for a lot of light.
    • Mixed lighting technologies may be best--different needs for different areas
    • General consensus: put up the LED light we have now, keep replacing with best light for each area.
  • Mike--DIYBio workshop
    • Presented this last week, workshop would be based on Genomikon kit
    • Mike's current project: build a cheap bacterial incubator
    • When that's complete, expect a call for a vote to have workshop
    • Dave--how big will this setup be? Will it be permanent?
    • Mike--Table similar to one of the meeting tables will go in dirty room
    • Box of supplies and the cooler-size incubator go underneath table
    • After the workshop, Mike could pack everything up and take it home, or leave it at hive
      • Depends if people want a permanent DIYBio area.

New Business

  • Ian-Proposal to eliminate meetings on 2nd Tuesdays was bouncing around email.
    • Members would like to have speaker start at 7:30 rather than ambiguous "after the meeting"
    • Ian--our bylaws say we have meetings weekly at 7:30 on Tuesdays
      • Not really a problem--just say the content of the meeting is the speaker.
    • Some discussion followed
    • Dave B--just have the speaker go first, and have other meeting stuff afterwards
    • Consensus--go with speaker first, plan on keeping the rest of the meeting short.
  • Jon--Bill said he will bring in a 2'x2' CNC plasma cutter
    • It will be arriving as parts.
    • Bill will be putting it together, check email if you want to help.
  • Jon--A potential future Hive improvement
    • A big, non-inflammable floor for the space.
    • Put down a thin concrete floor in the dirty room--1 inch think
    • Paul--can you do an epoxy floor?
    • Dave B--epoxy floor is more resilient to physical abuse, but not great for sparks/welding.
    • Our floor has excellent load-bearing abilities, should handle concrete no problem.
  • Hodapp
    • Chaos computer club says we have a spot reserved in Chaos VPN
    • Shadoxx is excited and is OK with helping spearhead it.
    • Hodapp will look up the instructions.