January 27, 2015

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old business

  • Welding Table Update
  • Gigabot Update
  • Kitchen lights and leak
  • CNC
  • Power Series Update
  • Old Couches

New business

  • Soda Update
  • Hive Laser
  • Opening Day Parade
  • Oxford Kinetic Festival
  • Mason Library
  • Jim S' "Cuddlemuffin" Box
  • Jim D Puns!


  • Brandon - hating godaddy
  • Julien - ssd in laptop
  • Ryan - work stuff, helping people not cut themselves(?)
  • Jim S - powerseries, tool holder for lathe, cleaning
  • Nancy - GIANT MUFFIN TINS! That's right. For muffins. Turning stuff into bag.
  • Charlie - drew egg or something. "Broke in" muffin tins.
  • Dustin - vinyl cutter working, needs new software. costume props.
  • Tom - building a new computer desk
  • Ivan - clean ur junk breh, Gigabot stuff
  • Alex - Guest, wrist controller for quad coptor
  • Lyndsey - Guest
  • Andrew - Guest
  • Bill - Guest, discovered where bees go in winter. Spoiler: his house.
  • Ian B - work, wiki editing, learned Django or tried to at least
  • Sidat - Guest, student at UC, data analytics, data mining
  • Gary - Guest, going back to school after a stint in Corporate America(tm)
  • Adam - Guest, Environmental engineering @ UC
  • Jon - CNC work
  • Jim D - Cindy Lou, creepy.
  • Elly - made cinnamon rolls, moving around and organizing things in the wood area
  • Dave - fighting wars at home, rebuilding of iPods
  • Ian W - CNC, stupid stuff with PXE. Seriously, Windows?
  • Brad - Staff handbook for local furry convention, RESTOCKED THE SODA MACHINE
  • Hodapp - A waste of the frisbee, studied tea, made math
  • Katie - working on a rain simulator
  • Franklin - worked, played vidja
  • Coy - CNC


  • Welding Table Update
    • Guy is working on it this weekend. About 1-2 weeks until receipt.
  • Gigabot
    • Firmware updates and calibration
  • Kitchen Lights/Leak
    • Grant is being fuck boy. Yes. A fuck boy.
    • Seriously, he's put us off for over three months. That's ridiculous.
  • CNC
    • It's getting there! All three axis are mounted and alignment issues are taken care of. Most parts are here!
  • Power Series
    • Started prototyping, steering components. More to come tomorrow! Hopefully frame is assembled.
  • Old Couches
    • Shadoxx is taking them this weekend.
  • Soda Update
    • It's full! Thanks everyone for filling us up.
    • Brad is thinking about switching out a soda or two, discussion is on the mailing list.
    • If anyone else is filling the machine, random slot should be caffeine free
    • Ian is getting metrics.
  • Hive Laser
    • Bill and Jim are working on the laser. Tools have been bought specifically for repairing the laser.
  • Opening Day Parade
    • April 6th, details to follow. Trying to get representation
  • Oxford Kinetic Festival
    • Sunday afternoon "Makerfaire like" event. April 19th.
  • Second Tuesday Talk reminder for new people
  • Mason Library
    • Needs someone to go talk to elementary school kids about what we do at the Hive.
    • Afternoon to 4:30PM, March 8th
  • Jim's Cuddlemuffin Box
    • Filled with plastics, box full of materials that the Hive can test on the laser cutter and other places.