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|contact=[[Area Wardens|Woodshop Warden]]
|contact=[[Area Wardens|Woodshop Warden]]

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Woodworking Shop

Hive13 Equipment
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Jet Air Filter.jpg
Owner/Loaner: Hive13
Hive13 Asset Tag: None
Make/Model: Jet AFS-1000B (google)
Arrival Date: 12/16/2015
Does it work?: Yes
Certification Needed?: No
Contact: Woodshop Warden
Floorplan: Woodshop

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Air filter for the woodshop.

Has a large particle filter plus electrostatic filter followed by a fine particle filter.

Disposable outer filter can be bought for ~$19 on amazon. A washable version is available for $45. May be a good future upgrade. The inner filter is on amazon for between $40 and $65 (Jet branded version is more expensive).


The three speeds are 550/702/1044 CFM of airflow.