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This blog follows a project to build a legacy pendulum clock as an inspiration to engineering students.  The case is modeled on the form of Georgia Tech's "Tech Tower" administration building.  The highly visible clockwork mechanism inside this case includes actions to gong on the hour and to chime the quarter-hour with phrases from the school's "Rambling Wrech" fight song.
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Tech Tower is the inspiration for the clock case.  Early 2D and 3D modeling efforts are shown. Note that the pendulum and the full height of the clock case are not yet included.
This is a first full height view of the intended clock.  Compared to the prior images, the scale of the case is shrunk to 75% so the escape wheel pallets are centered in the arch window behind the TECH lettering.  The clock dial is at 64" up from the floor.  The peak of the roof is at 108" (9-feet).  Note this view shows using the image of the GT seal on the swinging pendulum bob.
[[Image:GT.02.jpg|frameless|200px]]  Jim and Larry at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, England in October 2006
[[Image:GT.03.png|frameless|200px]]  Early 2D work on the regulator gear train (click on image to enlarge view)
[[Image:GT.04.png|frameless|200px]]  Front view of the early regulator gear train and frame development
[[Image:GT.05.png|frameless|200px]]  Early side view of the regulator gear train and frame
[[Image:GT.06.png|frameless|200px]]  Early isometric view of the regulator gear train and frame
[[Image:GT.07.png|frameless|200px]]  Early isometric view of the regulator gear train with front frame pieces removed
[[Image:GT.16.png|frameless|200px]]  Close-up of the escape wheel area
[[Image:GT.17.png|frameless|200px]]  Close-up of the great wheel area
[[Image:GT.08.png|frameless|200px]]  The GT seal, planned to be used on the pendulum bob
[[Image:GT.09.png|frameless|200px]]  Escape wheel laser cut profile (approx. 6" diameter)
[[Image:GT.10.png|frameless|200px]]  72 tooth 10 DP gear laser cut profile (7.2" pitch diameter)
[[Image:GT.11.png|frameless|200px]]  "Rambling Wreck" chime timing chart
1st Qtr = "I'm a rambling wreck"
2nd Qtr = "I'm a rambling wreck from Ga. Tech"
3rd Qtr = "I'm a rambling wreck from Ga. Tech and a hell of an engineer"
4th Qtr = "Rambling, gambling hell of an engineer" GONG, GONG, GONG, ...
[[Image:GT.12.png|frameless|200px]]  An initial gear train layout (milled gears)
[[Image:GT.13.jpg|frameless|200px]]  Prototype milled gears and escape wheel (for high-end clock)
[[Image:GT.14.jpg|frameless|200px]]  Laser cut acrylic gear (low-end development work)
[[Image:GT.15.jpg|frameless|200px]]  Early gear mesh prototype (masking tape holds frame together)
YouTube link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itsAtmS8PZA&feature=youtu.be
YouTube link to an animation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fhZmld2q0A&feature=youtu.be
Early investigations into the chiming and gonging linkages

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