July 15, 2014

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

  • Elections are approaching: July 29
  • Currently running:
    • President: Jim S
    • Secretary: none (Elly, Brandon nominated)
    • CFO: Jim D
    • CTO: Ryan
    • COO: Jon
    • Board (5 spots): Dave B, Dave M, Jim D, Brandon W, Daniel M, Ian W
  • Another contemporary art center event occurring July 24rd (thurs)
  • Various Hive equipment improvement stuff
    • welding table
    • lathe tool posts
    • Shapeoko
    • selling the large-format printer

New Business

  • Organization/Parking Ticketing for hive projects?
  • Power tool drag racing update
  • 3rd saturday cleanup this saturday


  • Shadoxx--says YOLO sometimes
  • Ryan--acting CTO! took firewall off UPS for awhile
  • Jim D--working on pleteir fridge. Got job at GE
  • Savanah--art n tetris
  • Dustin--working on 3D printing
  • Bill--built Rostock mini printer
  • printed with carbon fiber
  • Daniel--art, made 20$ AC
  • Beta and Son--new
  • JR
  • Dave
  • Joseph--m--space engineers
  • Jon
  • Franklin
  • Mike
  • Ian M--kegerator?
  • Jim--CFO. power tool drag racing
  • Cody--new member, and new to cincinnati
  • Ivan--sound reactive ambient light project
  • Jean--working on shapeoko (apologies if I got your name wrong
  • Dave M--making twitterbots
  • Chris Hodapp--bad influence
  • Justin--tapping giant heatsink.
  • Marvin--virtual
  • Frictor--virtual


  • Discussed election stuff, and who is running
    • Secretary is still unfilled. Elly declines, Shadoxx is resistant
    • unless more people are nominated, the Board will be the only "real" vote with more people running than spots
    • Ryan: by-laws are on the wiki if you want to see responsibilities
  • Shadoxx--create Marketing director position?
    • space has grown in membership, more of a need for a marketing director now
    • Shadoxx made some points supporting this idea, brief discussion followed.
    • This would be a modificaiton of the by-laws: requires 70% of members to vote YES
    • If there seems to be support for the idea, expect a vote in the next few weeks.

  • Hive Stuff
  • Shapeoko frame is assembled!
    • More will happen at 2nd build night tomorrow
  • Lathe--vote for tool post needs to get posted to mailing. Jon and Jim are on it.
  • Player 2 has not shown up for the large format printer yet (but still planning to do so.)
  • welding table: still working on it, will send out for a vote...sometime
  • Jon--CAC night: week and a half away on July 24
    • theme: rapid prototyping an manufacturing!
    • might be able to bring shapeoko!
    • will try to arrange meeting with our contact at CAC
    • interested individuals continue discussion after the meeting
    • if you have a project that shows off 3D printing/Laser cutting/prototying, we would like to bring it!
  • Jim--Power tool drag racing--in Detroit this weekend!
    • Jim D showed some nice graphics and info on the projector
    • there are a few people going with Jim to detroit, more are welcome.
    • It will be awesome!
    • Hive13 will have a booth as part of the drag racing area.
  • Marvin (via IRC)--can the Shapeoko build tomorrow have a google hangout?
    • yes--we can make it happen
  • Parking Passes--for large objects and projects
    • there was some discussion of this on the mailing list
    • basic idea--everything cluttering up the space needs to have a "pass" to be there
    • this will prevent abandoned projects sitting around forever and taking up valuable real estate
    • we tried this idea a year or two ago but it didn't reach critical mass of people adopting it.
    • other spaces are doing it. for example: http://www.hackpittsburgh.org/wiki/index.php?title=Property_Tags
  • Jon--3rd Saturday cleanup this weekend. 1:30 and on!
    • help keep hive clean, or shame will be upon your house unto the 7th generation.
  • Ryan--remember maker faire, we want cool stuff for display!

Secretary's running-a-hackerspace tumblr pick for the week: http://runningahackerspace.tumblr.com/post/90478017743/getting-members-in-the-space-to-go-on-a-cleaning-spree