July 19, 2022

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Time and Place

Time: 7:30 PM
Place: Hybrid

To join the video meeting, click this link: https://meet.google.com/kmo-jxzu-auc
Otherwise, to join by phone, dial [513-760-6776|+1 513-760-6776] and enter this PIN: 863 676 973#
To view more phone numbers, click this link: https://tel.meet/kmo-jxzu-auc?hs=5

Weekly Meeting Agenda



  • Members may enter and use the space 24/7. If you Feel Sick - Stay Home.
  • Masks are optional, but encouraged
  • Get vaccinated if you can, while you are at it, get a Flu shot
  • Respect Science, Respect Nature, Respect Each Other

Building Updates

  • PLEASE respect the building alarm
  • We have 24 hour access to our space and the front stairwell ONLY, all other areas will trigger the alarm.
  • The alarm is active from 10pm to 6am
  • Do not go into any other part of the building during these times (ie; dumping the trash), as it will set off the alarm.


  • If you have an Amazon account, please use Amazon Smile to donate to Hive13 at smile.amazon.com.
  • Select "Sad Bee Inc", which is our corporate name.
  • It really helps give us a little more money to spend for things you want.
  • Be excellent to each other.

Welcome Guests!

  • Introductions
  • What kind of things are you interested in doing/making?
  • How did you hear about us?
  • Tour After Meeting

Upcoming Events and Classes

  • Friday, July 22 at 6
    • Needlecraft Night
  • Saturday, July 23 at Noon
    • Annual Meeting
  • Sunday, July 24 at TBD
    • Taft Museum, Regency Costume Exhibit field trip
    • 3 pm - Stuck on Stickers class!

Committee Updates

  • Hot Crafts
  • Outreach
  • Kitchen
  • Finance
  • Tech

Annual Meeting

  • Vote vote vote vote


  • Clearance in the laser area
    • Note to anyone using the Laser area, the spot between the shelves and the furnace needs to be kept reasonably open because we need to get to the back of the furnace roughly once a week to change furnace filters. The first spot in vertical storage is reserved for the Laser area.


  • Closing Tonight:

Kitchen and Laundry Infrastructure

  • Closing Next Week:
  • In Discussion for Future:

Frisbee Round & Hive Fives

  • See slideshow