July 20, 2010

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


business meeting 07-20-2010

Status Updates / Old Business

  • anniversary/birthday party
  • tweaking of the remote access by-law, AKA "the craig initiative"
    • Meeting 1 - People bring up what they want to vote on and we discuss it at Meeting 1. At the end of the meeting we put up a poll online.
    • Interim between Meeting 1 & 2 - People can discuss the proposition online and vote in the online poll. This period will not be less than 7 days.
    • Meeting 2 - Online poll is locked so no further votes are possible. Those present at the meeting can continue the discussion, people who have not already voted in the online poll may cast their votes now. If # Online votes + # Offline votes >= Quorum, Votes will be considered valid and the result will be implemented.

New Business

  • Time Warner broadband
  • Reverse Engineering Classes
  • Makers Faire next weekend (July 31-August 1st) - Paul

Items to be Voted on

Assigning Next Actions





Next Actions

Remote Access