July 21, 2009

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


  1. Insurance
  2. Liability Forms (everyone sign them)
  3. Party Planning
    1. July 25th mixer Hive13 Mixer (Beta)
    2. Aug 29th grand opening Grand Opening
  4. About the space
    1. Fridge
    2. Door Locks
    3. Soundproofing (should be done)
    4. Getting out own internet access
    5. utility sink
  5. Phone List
  6. Co-lo box
  7. WordPress as our www. page
  8. Tshirts
  9. Freecycle
  10. Flickr
  11. Donation Spreadsheet
  12. Five minutes of Fame
  13. Makerbot


  • DaveMenninger
  • JasonBailey
  • Paul
  • Than ( + Karen )
  • Jim
  • Craig
  • Nate
  • Vendy
  • ChrisA
  • int0x80
  • Erik ( + sarah )
  • PlayerTwo
  • Starbuck



  • we have a new face: Jim - built his own CNC!
  • Chris covered what 2600 is all about

wants for the space

  • we have a few things we really want
    • fridge, utility sink, shelving
    • If you find any of the above for cheap, the Hive is not opposed to paying for it if we need to.
    • If you need transportation // help moving the item, contact other hive members.

entering the space

  • dave's phone number is on the door
  • Chris has some ideas in mind with google voice
  • craig installed a keypad lock on one door
  • waiting for landlords to make decision about external door

soundproofing is done. win!

internet for the space

  • craig is gonna get that done when he gets back from spain


  • int0x80: there is a guy in 2600 that runs a dojo and gave some good insurance recommendations
    • Basically, his advice was that we should make a list of the most highest risks we expect to have first, and then we can present that to the insurance agent.
    • What would those risks be? Maybe make a wiki page to look at this.

liability forms and membership applications

  • fill them out!

the party this weekend

  • goal: get new members
  • ice: erik i can get mass ice, garbage
  • games: erik suggest "killer"
  • int0x80: ATHF drinking game
  • than: karaoke
  • dave: we can always run to family dollar i guess
  • erik is bringing the beer he made
  • int0x80: PA system? i'll start a thread
  • erik: "cope audio" will rent us stuff
  • everyone check out the wiki page and tell what you're bringing
  • blast it out to members so everyone knows


  • starbuck: able projects is making us some (tultex tshirt brand)
  • They will be "charcoal" with yellow ink.
  • $6ish a shirt. maybe we sell them for $10?
  • 10L, 10XL, 3XXXL
  • will be done in time for defcon

col-lo box

  • vendy is getting it this weekend
  • once we have it we'll do up the website real nice

donation spreadsheet

  • dave is building a donations spreadsheet to track how much donations are coming in
  • board members have to write you a receipt

five minutes of fame

  • people like the idea
  • what night?
  • do it after tuesday regular meetings?
  • ok we will do it next week: mailing list / wiki it.


  • we will order one
  • dave will pledgie it, order one on monday


  • we have some leaks
  • someone needs to bring it up to landlords

Next Actions

  • everyone keep scanning craigslist, freecycle for fridge, utility sink, shelving; if you find some get it! if you need help getting it, call someone!
  • ChrisA will do experiments with Google Voice to see if he can set up a hunt list, or similar
  • once landlords make decision, we will have keypad access; craig is on top of this situation
  • craig will order internet for us when he gets back from spain
  • int0x80 has a contact for us to look into for insurance
  • erik will finish up coordinating the party
  • everyone wil lhave fun on saturday at the party
  • starbuck will get the shirts hopefully this week
  • vendy will get the colo box this weekend
  • dave will build a donation spreadsheet
  • five minutes of fame will happen next week
  • dave will set up a pledgie and buy a makerbot
  • someone (jason?) will talk with lanlord about leaks