July 21, 2015

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Time: 7:30 PM Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old business

  • Elections Today
  • Laser Cutter Has Arrived (Fablab Redesign)
  • Detroit Makerfaire This Weekend
  • Union Township Library Event
  • Hive13 T-Shirt Re-order
  • Power Series Update
  • Noise Curfew Reminder
  • Haskel Talk Review
  • Welding Class Review

New Business

  • Bi-Weekly Trash Removal Outside
  • Hive Sponsored Grant Projects Vote [Tabled Until Next Week]
  • Welding Room Changes
  • Cookout!
  • Electrical Improvements - Vote Next Week
  • Audio Hardware Classes - Lorin

Election Nominations

  • President
    • Ryan Hershey
  • Treasurer
    • Jim Dallum
  • CTO
    • Ian Blais
  • COO
    • Jon Neal
    • Daniel McNamera
  • Secretary
    • No Nominees
  • Board
    • Daniel McNamara
    • Jim Dallum
    • Lorin Parker
    • Dave Lear
    • Elly Hall
    • Dave Blundel
    • Ian Wilson


  • President
  • Treasurer
  • CTO
  • COO
  • Secretary
  • Power Series Budget Increase - Passed Unanimously Out of 27 Voting Members In Attendance
  • Bylaw Changes and Amendments


  • Union Library Event @ Eastgate
    • This Saturday, 10AM - 3PM at the Union Township Library
    • Standard Hive presence, learn to solder, other member projects
    • Talk to Dave B if you'd like to participate.
    • Check the mailing list for more info as well.
  • Hive13 T-Shirt Re-order
    • Elly will be emailing the list with more info in the coming days after the election
  • Power Series Update
    • Finishing electronics, ready to pack it up and head to Detroit to race!
    • Will vote on an increased budget today.
  • Noise Curfew
    • Reminder: No loud noises before 8AM and not after 12AM during the week
    • Weekends are more flexible, but use your best judgement
  • Welding Class Review
    • Event was a success, we should definitely do this in the future
    • Kirk is wanting to do a repeat of this class in about a month.
  • Welding Room Reorganization
    • Kirk has been reorganizing the "dirty room". Any suggestions or comments please talk to Kirk.
  • Haskel Class Review
    • Great for the people who attended, would definitely invite him back for more talks
  • Bi-Weekly Trash Removal
    • We have been informed that the dumpsters out back get dumped on Tuesday Nights, every other week
    • Dumpster will be emptied tonight, then every other Tuesday after
  • Elections
    • Voting online and in person starts today. Results will be tallied and presented to the membership at large at the next weekly meeting.
  • Cookout!
    • Thanks to everyone who helped!
    • Donations are accepted as thanks!
    • Power Series Budget Increase Vote for $300
      • Budget increase is for spare parts for racer and general expenses
      • This is a Hive project, and this budget increase allows us to keep it that way!
      • Proposed deadline for spending money is July 31.
    • Bylaw Changes and Amendments
  • Electrical Improvements @ Hive13
    • Vote to upgrade wiring and electrical to better accommodate the next laser cutter!
    • $1,800 will be proposed next week
  • Audio Hardware Classes
    • Lorin is wanting to host an audio hardware diy class. Lots of interested people in our area. He is scouting. Stay tuned.