July 26, 2016

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Previous Meeting: July 19, 2016 Meeting Procedure Next Meeting: August 2, 2016


Time: 7:30 PM Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.



  • Leave work surfaces clear!
  • New Noise Curfew - Quiet hours are 10:30pm to 7am until further notice.
  • Liability waiver legibility.
  • Swear at the wardens.
  • Have you checked the wishlist?
  • Shutdown Procedure - Go win the door prize.

Old business

  • Shell Server
  • Library Events
  • PTDR in Detroit in July
  • Coy's wood
  • PTDR
  • Belt Sander - Ry proposes a vote to buy a sander, not to exceed $200.
  • Vote!! the links are on the mailing list!
  • Candidates
    • President - Elly Hall
    • Treasurer - Jim Dallam
    • CTO - Ian Blais
    • COO - Dustin Bruce, Greg Arnold
    • Secretary - Daniel McNamara, Ryan Hershey
    • Board - Tiffany Horwath, Brad Walsh, Dustin Bruce, Daniel McNamara, Dave Blundell, Lorin Parker, Kevin Schuller, Jim Dallam


Old Business

  • Housekeeping
    • Lots of stuff around because it is the annual meeting
    • Noise curfew - The vent fan in the fab lab is fine to run at any time
    • Tool broken or supplies out of stock? Email wardens@hive13.org!!
  • Wishlist - Add things to it! We regularly buy things off of this list!
  • Shell server - Gone!! Yes!
  • Library events - DONE! excellent!
    • Brad wants us to get some lab coats with the left over money since kids really liked the one he wore.
  • PTDR
    • Detroit maker faire this weekend.
    • Louisville maker faire September 10th
    • Likely will be going to the New York Maker Faire in October
  • Belt Sander vote
    • Up to $200 for a new hand held belt sander
    • If you are aware of a very nice model please post on the mailing list thread, otherwise it will be a well reviewed porter cable
    • 25 voting members
    • Abstain - 1
    • No - 0
    • Yes - 24
  • Annual elections vote - go to vote.hive13.org!
    • We have quorum!
    • The results will be shown when the meeting is over

New Business

  • Books by the banks
    • We have been invited again
    • Saturday, October 15th
    • Mike is going to accept the invitation
  • Kevin found an amazing deal on a 24" scroll saw. There will likely be a vote on this soon to reimburse him.
  • Pallet racks
    • Tiffany found some pallet racks on an auction site
    • We are giving Tiffany the go ahead to buy some as long as it is a good deal
  • Next Tuesday talk is by Brad. See the post on the website.


  • Greg - Still moving in to his new place
  • Hodapp - Survived vacation, sweaty
  • John M - Survived putting a patio in this past weekend which was awful
  • Elly - Barely survived moving in to a new place, went on vacation, got sliced up by falling on an oyster bed
  • Matt - Has to move out of his current place before moving in to his next place. Uh oh.
  • Anthony - Warsaw ky for a big car meetup
  • ken - Went to Caesar creek looking for stuff
  • Nancy - Got another motorcycle
  • Owen - Just joined recently, got something on ebay he has been looking at getting for a while (arcade machine joystick)
  • Brad - Working on PTDR trying to help coordinate, made the mistake of trying to clean out his dryer vent pipe
  • Jim D - worked on some arduino projects
  • Andy - Second time here, spent the weekend floating in a pool
  • Alex - Could not hear
  • Tim - Claims to be the laziest person here, has a PVC project he is currently planning
  • Daniel M - Just moved to day shifts, has been working on stilts and costume stuff
  • Tiffany - Has been working on weaving a baby wrap while avoiding the heat
  • Dave B - Wife decided the middle of July was a good time to get a shed, let out lots of smoke from random semiconductors, farming kids
  • James Wiley - Just joined, working on some arduino code
  • Coy - has been browsing auction sites
  • Tom - Was a member for a month then moved out of Cincy
  • Gabe - finished a netbook turned server, working on some other servers
  • Paul - Has been working on his house lately, replacing fans, got gigabit internet
  • Will - Friends with Paul and Dave Myers, just moved here from San Francisco, does a little bit of everything
  • Dustin - Current fab lab warden, running for COO and Board, just finished a frame for a poster we got from the bay area maker faire
  • Jon - Just finished a super stressful month, no longer COO (YES!!!!)
  • Kayley - Working on fixing a flute, willing to learn anything
  • Lorin - Currently on the board, hopefully on the board again, finished up some projects he left a couple months ago
  • Ian B - CTO for at least 14 more minutes which you also have to vote! Murdered the shell server
  • Ryan - lame duck pres for the next 14 mins, welded some stands for the lane timers for PTDR