July 28, 2020

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Time and Place

Time: 7:30 PM
Place: Telecom

To join the video meeting, click this link: https://meet.google.com/kmo-jxzu-auc
Otherwise, to join by phone, dial +1 513-760-6776 and enter this PIN: 863 676 973#
To view more phone numbers, click this link: https://tel.meet/kmo-jxzu-auc?hs=5

Weekly Meeting Agenda

Hive13 HAS MOVED!!!

  • We are completely out of 2929 Spring Grove!
  • We have done a walk through and sign off with 2929 landlord!
  • We will be receiving our deposit back!


  • The following items are mandatory for all members and guests
    • Wear a mask at all times in the 2701SG building
    • Sign in and Sign out at the front inner entrance
    • Maintain social distancing
    • Sanitizing is kinda vague right now with all the moving items; but make sure you’re sanitizing surfaces at least, and make sure you’re washing your hands frequently. We have bleach based disinfectant. Use it.
    • https://coronavirus.ohio.gov/static/responsible/Responsible-Protocols.pdf
  • There will be an updated Liability Waiver with our new address that we need for all members to sign

This stuff works at 2701!

  • Big Laser
  • 3D Printer
  • Entire woodworking shop except CNC and dust collection. CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF THE OLD FASHIONED WAY
  • Many tools in metalworking shop
  • Most (all?) of machining shop
  • Sewing area (extension cord required)
  • Shout out those who worked on getting these things operational!

Spy Cams

  • SpyCams are NOT installed in 2701 yet.

2701 Electrical

  • Funds ok’d by last week's vote. Velzy will contact for getting service
    • News?
  • Many of panel W runs have been wired by Kevin, Lisa, Brian W, Ryan? Parker? Parker’s bro, John Clark. Anyone else? Thank you!

Member Storage

  • Very few items were left in 2929 to be moved by move-team
    • Kevin M contacted with new storage spot assignment and letting them know their stuff had been moved
    • any responses?
  • Discussion is still being had about how to handle Vertical Storage Space at 2701
    • At 2929, it was always intended to be temporary holding space for people
    • Wasn’t treated that way. Things got parked, spaces were never able to be assigned to new folks
    • Do we put a hard limit of 3 mo? 6 mo? 3 mo free and then charge?
    • Hesitant to start assigning VSS until this is figured out
      • Any new ideas/progress?

Access Control

  • Hodapp, Velzy and Ian are making progress.
    • Status update?

Other Things to Address

  • Liability form has been updated. Let's have everyone sign a new one
  • Address what work is still needing to be done in time sensitive manner. (ie; panels before electrician work)