July 29, 2014

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

  • Elections today!
  • Kenton County Library planters tomorrow. volunteers?

New Business

  • DIYBio meet up next week
  • game day saturday
  • T-shirts.


  • Mike--voted
  • Ian B
  • Daneil
  • Jim--power tool drag racing
  • Will--new member!
  • Ryan
  • Jim--president elect, titanian easter egg, maker faire.
  • Shadoxx--volunteered to be come secretary. there will be themee music.
  • Chris Hodapp--fermeted
  • Paul (m)
  • Coy
  • Dave (m)--deteroit
  • Julian--Shapeoko
  • Elly--almost finished coffee table.
  • Jon
  • Savanan
  • Dustin
  • Nancy
  • Tifanny
  • John--DIYBio interest!
  • Franklin--power tool drag racing
  • Joseph--arc fitting algorithm
  • marvin (virtual)


there will be a week of online voting.

  • Kenton County Library
  • Detroit Maker Faire
    • Power tool drag racing
    • Did not have enough power tool racing for a
    • Harbor freight house bots gave their all
    • People had fun.
    • "Maker of Merit" and "awesome" badges-- we got some ribbons...
    • Lots of cool stuff--flaming ski-ball, etc.
    • Cincinnati maker faire is next drag race.
    • Jon--perhaps we should do a build night, with tools ready to go.
  • Jon--large format printer. deal finally worked out. $1250.
    • they will pick it up!
  • CAC
  • Twist--will try to keep relationship going.
  • Twist--request for comments on welding aluminum (not a ton of interest)
    • equipment would be about $300.
    • TIG welding aluminum may be easier, and we may be getting one of these...
  • Will--could we get a whole house fan?
    • some discussion followed about what we would need, what size, etc.
  • Jim--for TIG, we don't want TOO much air flow.
  • Dave--why not just ask a weldkign shop.
  • Dave--if someone is getting a TIG welder here, lets' just g
    • Elizabeth has donated an argon bottole
  • Jim can run credit cards
    • would rather not take cash any longer.
  • Jim--saw power series racing at maker faire
    • this would be good for the hive to do in the future.
    • $500 budget max--various rules
    • good experience with motor, bateries, etc.
    • promotional piece.
    • put $700 of hive money to make this an official hive project.
  • Nancy--are there rule changes
    • Jim--some safety rule changes. Like this year, need physical brakes.
    • we are automatically invited to new york maker faire.
    • there will be one at the atlanta mini maker faire in october.
    • expect a vote next week.
  • Dustin--talked about--for changing the bylaws--could change them 6 months after the officer election.
    • Bylaw meeting can be called at any time if there is quorum.
  • Jon--sorta bylawy...
    • several people have suggested AREA MANAGERS for the Hive
    • responsibility for keeping it clean
    • keeping the machines working
  • 5 areas.
    • teaching people
    • word working
    • electronics
    • fab lab
    • dirty room/welding
  • Get half
  • Do not want to get into implentatation ideas tonight.
  • In a week or two, get a group together and flesh it out.
  • Dave--don't want to fall into the idea that they do the cleaninf for everyone else.
  • Calling people out if they make a mess.
  • Nancy--if someone leaves it out...
    • discussion
    • at this point we have people to
    • lounge, kitchen and common area.
  • Tiffany
  • John--but out entire anchor building on kickstarter?
    • If we are going to buy a building, not this one probably...
    • Does like kickstarter idea.
    • Garden Street has bought all these buildings on teh strip on purpose.
  • Could talk to 3CDC.
  • FabLab--looks better!
  • Jim D--laser cutter donation
    • Can someone with a pickup trick help Jim move it from Delhi in about 2 weeks?