July 9, 2013

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

  • MIG welder is on its way (arrived already?)

New Business

  • LVL1 is hosting a Mini Maker Faire on September 28th in Louisville


  • Paul - Secretary - Helping Bill w/ the Makerbot
  • Dave -
  • Wyatt - Modifying classic nintendo controllers
  • Bill - Working on his own 3D printer
  • Brent - Working on safe cracking dialer bot
  • Jim - Playing w/ an Arduino
  • Tye - Bug development w/ Jango
  • Ian - RFID, automatically checks you into foursquare
  • Jon - Did a bit of cleanup, look for tools by the workbench
  • Ryan - Working on a GPS wristband game, hardware issues at the moment
  • Ellie - Working on a Mural in the laser room, working on designing a badge for the RFID tags
  • Tom - Just signed up, checking out hte Laser
  • Emily -
  • Craig & Wife - CANbus sniffer thing progress, did a great talk at 2600 about clock glitching
  • Starbuck - Founder member here for 2 weeks in a row! after a long absence. Returning as a member again.
    • 60 RGB LED staff w/ OSH Park boards
  • Jordan - Pinewood derby coming up at work
  • Shadoxx (Brandon) - Bought locks from a locksmith
  • Alyssa - Here w/ Brandon
  • Tiffany Bell - Installed a water heater, worked on UltraBot
    • Temp controller for her 'Keezer'


  • Jim
    • Talking w/ LVL1 & Idea Foundry about doing a 'triple crown' of power tool racing
  • Tiffany
    • Welding class?
    • Ryan has already volunteered, will do multiple smaller classes
    • This weekend we will do a cleanout of the dirty room.
  • Tiff
    • Brewing at the hive, brewing right in front of the Hive
    • 10 gal batch of brown ale
    • RFID keggerator
    • 1-2 kegs on tap for event
    • If you are curious, this will be a good time to show up.
    • This Saturday at 12 pm
  • Air Compressor has a hole rusted through
    • We are researching replacement options
  • Jon
    • 3rd Saturday of this month, and every month we will be doing "Hive Reorganization Day"
    • 10am to 3pm
    • Keep the space organized
  • Tiffany
    • Every couple months do a training day
    • Have a dedicated day where people can train people to use equipment.
    • Paul said he would help with this.