June 18, 2013

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

New Business

  • Budget issues


  • Jon (Presiding)
  • Travis - Newish Member
  • Ian (Fill-in Secretary)
  • Dave M.
  • Ryan
  • Jasper -- Has a fair amount of Extruded Aluminum to sell, interested in 3D printing.
  • Franklin -- First Bluetooth Low Power Device
  • Marcus
  • Jordan (Marcus' son)
  • Chris
  • Emily
  • Jim (New Member, moving from Georgia, from a hackerspace in GA).
  • Roger (Jim's Dad)
  • Jean (Jim's Mom)
  • Jordan
  • Jim
  • John (First time at Hive, Electrical Engineering, AI, Programming background)
  • Coy
  • Dave B.
  • Shawn (First time at Hive)
  • Tiffany
  • Mike
  • Dave (Newish Member)
  • Jason
  • Nancy
  • Brian (Newish Member)

(Total in Attendance: 29 (3 late arrivals))


  • Deciding on a Budget for a Welder
    • Dave B willing to haggle with this
    • Vote to occur on mailing list
    • $1000 was the number to vote on
  • Emily reported that the vent fan is no longer working in the Dirty Room. (Jon to look at)
  • Marcus is having an issue with the laser cutter freezing when the upload reaches 86%, and needs some assistance.
  • 3D Printer Purchase -- Pushed back to next week.
  • Deciding on a Budget for the Hive13 Badges (DIY Soldering)
    • Estimated cost $1 to $1.30/badge
    • 2-4 week lead time
    • 4.6" board qty 200 = 2.50/board, qty 300= 2.00/board, 500=1.51/board. 1000~=1.11-1.25/board
    • We should start out with a small number to prototype
    • Are we doing this for advertising purposes?
    • Include SMT mounts with through-hole mounts on board.
    • Initial Budget of $300 for first order