June 2, 2015

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Previous Meeting: May 26, 2015 Meeting Procedure Next Meeting: June 9, 2015


Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old business

  • LAN Party recap
  • First Aid @ Hive13
  • Compressed air lines done

New Business

  • Metal purchase
  • New members


  • Dustin - Has been hosting the open hours, helping with arcade legacy
  • Craig - graphic design student, wants to check out the space
  • Peter - Nothing notable
  • Alex - helped run the LAN party
  • Charlie - Has been helping Dustin
  • Sam - characterizing backpacks
  • Nancy - went to mid ohio race course
  • Bree - Graduation parties, noticed website improvements
  • Elly - Inventables order, has been working on the website
  • Charles - babysat his son
  • Edward - Check the place out. Near car accident
  • Gabe - Member next week. Took apart computer.
  • Mike - went to his lab, parented, and cut MDF
  • Lorin - Has been organizing the electronics stuff
  • Jim S - 2d plotter for work. Cable termination for printer
  • James - Has two weeks of vacation! 2 Delta printers
  • Greg - Graduation parties, moving file server
  • Ryan - CTO, steel furniture, gigabot, steel order, broke the table saw
  • Brent - Inkscape extensions, python
  • Andrew - Setting up graduation party, cold end on printer working
  • Dave Leer - car projects, furniture projects, lots of projects!
  • Katie - keeping Kevin in line
  • Ken - also keeping Kevin in line
  • Kevin - very accident prone. Made a new handle for the table saw
  • Will - Power series racing
  • Jon - made and CNCed a ohio cutting board


  • Lan party recap
    • A few people showed up.
    • Thinking about making it a monthly event
  • Compressed air lines
    • Completely done! A few small leaks, but the compressor is larger!
  • First aid
    • Order has to be put in through the fire department so it is a bit cheaper
    • Costs:
      • tourniqet - $25-30/ea
      • Israeli battle bandage - $6/ea
      • crylex -
    • anti-clotting agent?
    • Probably about $50-60 total
    • safety talk would be good
    • Posters as well
  • Gigabot
    • Ryan got some inductive bed sensors so the bed doesn't have to be completely level
  • Metal purchases
    • Ryan is putting in an order for steel from american metal supplies.
    • Will save on the delivery cost and no minimum order
    • Talk to Ryan after the meeting!* New bench multimeter, new analog scope in the electronics area
  • UC surplus sale this Sunday.
  • Elly is doing an inventables order
    • Talk to her after the meeting if you want in on that
    • Shipping will be split
  • new knurling tool for the lathe
  • New blade on the table saw
  • Don't leave shit in the sink. We aren't your maids.
  • New members
    • Welcome Greg!