June 3, 2014

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

  • Space stuff
    • Gigabot broked
  • Propaganda
  • Game day this Saturday
  • 2nd Tuesday next week
    • Jim, 2D CAD!

New Business

  • Dave's internet connection


  • Mike
  • Sean--turning big blue van into a house
  • Nancy
  • Bill--started new job
  • Dave
  • Jon--been busy
  • Arliss
  • John
  • Jim--broke 3D printer
  • Brendan--ham radio operator, building traffic system
  • Jason--1st time visitor
  • Jim--work on power tool drag race website
  • Mike--1st time here--looking for something for 10yr old to do
  • Liz--modded a Note3
  • Jordan--diagnosing a power inverter
  • Joseph--don't spill soda on your computer
  • Shadoxx-eh
  • Jason
  • Chris--member
  • Dave B
  • Tiffany


  • Space Stuff:
    • Mike--Gigabot limit switch is broken, but it's an easy fix...
    • Jon and Jim S are on it.
    • Ryan and Jon--checked out roof. We spotted problem areas that we could tarpaper it on our own
      • except for the corner where there is the big leak. that needs a professional.
    • Jon--bought a splitter/driving knife for table saw. Needs to be trued up--any volunteers?
      • arliss volunteers
    • Jon--bought nuts and bolts stock (COO powers go!)
  • Shadoxx--pamphlets are printed!
    • If u find youself down here, u from 8-5, pick them up at esterman printing. Ask for invoice.
    • Also, new RFID badges are on the way.
    • Next project for marketing: video! Shadoxx knows a guy.
  • Dave--Hive should take responsibility for my internet connection
    • Note--we currently have 2 internet connection, 1 of them is paid for by Dave (replacing his regular dues)
    • Hive should own this

  • Dave--People's lack of respect for other people's tools is pretty bad
    • welding helmet he keeps in locker was left out by someone and box is lost.
      • Jon--box was found
    • Electronics area--tweezers have disappeared, and another was mangled.
    • Clean the soldering iron and desoldering iron.
    • We need to keep house better!!
    • Dave is resigning as CTO--lack of time, +frustration.

  • Discussion followed of how to get membership to take care of the space.
    • Jim--be excellent to each other.
    • Shadoxx--new members nee
    • Jon--this is a chronic problem (also at other hackerspaces)
    • This is not your home, clean up after yourself.
    • we have 55 members. the mess keeps getting worse.
    • Don't leave tools around.
    • Shadoxx--weekly house chores?
    • Dave--finances are much more stable than before.
      • Could someone earn membership by cleaning/organizing?
    • Dave--2 distinct problems
      • Ignorance--dont know maintenance, how to put away properly
        • we can fix this
      • Apathy--harder to fix
        • identify and adress.
    • Ask before you use something if you are not at comfortable.
    • Dave M.--problem is there are no carrots and sticks.
      • Should be as social and cultural as possible.
    • Emily--old adage--job that is everybody's job becomes nobody's job
    • Shadoxx--Make it a goal for next week--document what the area is when it is clean.
    • Sean--only clean shared workspace I've seen, has signs up at every station telling people to clean.
    • Idea--create a logbook where people can write down violations they see
      • If you got written up in the book, your hive dues double?
    • Shadoxx--can check video camera logs if we have to.
  • Discussion was ended, with option to continue after meeting.
  • Jim's 2nd Tuesday Talk
    • 2D CAD drafting tutorial--Autocad clone "Draft Site"
  • Shadoxx gives a tour

Secretary's Tumblr Link of the Week: http://runningahackerspace.tumblr.com/post/71865661177/trying-to-keep-everything-shipshape