June 8, 2010

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Status Updates / Old Business

  • Dave - "year two"
    • money issues: membership fee, profit points, savings, etc
  • Jason/Paul - Blackboards
  • Jason - Filing with Ohio AG
  • Jim/Craig - 501c3->Taxes,Google
  • lease renegotiations/research
  • birthday party date, planning, etc
  • Ed - cleanup, construction, general space make-over
  • Vote - New quote on tshirt order: 177.32

New Business

Items to be Voted on

  • New quote on tshirt order: 177.32

Assigning Next Actions



Dave, Chris Davis, Jim, Paul, Craig, Rob Melly, Steve Lackermann, scott* (new person), Thurman*, TP, jason, james, hodapp, ed

Quorum Present (y/n)? YES


minutes recorded live at: http://piratepad.net/eFGYVJ7NeZ

profit points

  • profit points is not the most effective way to get money into projects, just get with craig if you want something

membership fees

  • ed's concept seems good: (long explanation fill later)
  • jason: what if people quit
  • craig: changing the paypal would be kind of a pain
  • chris: i'd be a bit irritated if other people got in cheaper
  • all: what about $99 or $95
  • jason/dave: lowering the price should be a goal
  • scott: what about a trial membership
  • james: bigger carrot to get people in here on other days, to make tuesdays less of a standalone event
  • thurman: i'd like more classes
  • jim: i can teach sweat plumbing
  • dave: does anyone have a "i can't teach a class because of x"?
  • craig: i would need a better classroom type environment for a software based class; tables, chairs, etc for laptops
  • jason: bring people in from outside to teach things
  • jim: a committee to program meetings, and events
  • dave: what is the consensus on the membership fees
  • ed: what about doing a big membership drive like other orgs do
  • rob melly: do it in two steps - do the $95 thing, then take a longer period to do the bigger price drop
  • james: what about three tiers, an intermediary tier that still has to pay full price for classes
  • TP: members should get the class at cost, everyone else pay some extra
  • paul: i would not be able to afford the full price since i have no job as a student
  • jason: classes are a big draw for non-members, we need to motivate more people to teach classes
  • dave: so the consensus is just to do the $95 thing, no other fancy stuff in the next month or so
  • james: thurman, what would get you in here and pay $
  • scott: i'd feel more comfortable paying after i felt like there was a project i could get into
  • rob melly: i'd like to get into the propagandists thing; the pr needs to be about what we're about
  • dave: who can edit the google calendar
  • jason: all this communtication strategy should be under the PR people groups belt
  • jim: how can we run our projects better?
  • jason/craig: we don't have time
  • rob: http://fffff.at/ is a good model with the speed projects
  • james: are people overwhelmed
  • rob: you have to have that rhythm to get people back in here on other days
  • jason: there are a bunch of people who might not have their own projects who just want to jump on something that's going on
  • dave: irc is a place where these types of conversations happen
  • rob melly: what about a project bounty board on a bounty board
  • thurman: have a committee for recruitment, classes, etc


  • jason left dude a message and hasn't heard back

Ohio AG Filing

  • no update


  • jim needs to email, or usb drive copy to craig
  • did they cash our check?


  • this is dead unless someone has a burning question
  • craig: ed wanted us to ask grant if he would go in for half on AC in here
  • jason: i'll ask grant about that and try and get $ or free rent or some such in exchange

birthday party

  • dave: do we need to have a party czar
  • james: i think it should be free for members, charge for non-members
  • dave: should we choose date?
  • ed: it's probably better to pick a date online
  • dave: i'll make this a task for me - i'll email the list

space cleanup/construction/etc

  • ed: the space itself is a big disconnect for us
  • the physical condition is gonna have a big impact on people's attitude
  • think of space vertically in terms of priority
  • project ideas: rolling carts to stow stuff in, maybe 2.5'x3', with workspace on top, each member gets one, pimp your station
  • working on budgeting this out, but would get really nice workbench/shelf system
  • big thing: better long term storage - up high so it's not in anyone's way
  • proposing building the work areas, start with the wood-working area in "1D"
  • bought some floor tape - so people don't invade spaces with junk

vote on t-shirt quote

everyone if fine with the higher quote.

trash schedule

  • is this not clear enough for people
  • jason: do not put anything in there between tonight and next week's meeting
  • jason: when is the "teardown day"
  • dave: disposing this stuff may cost us money
  • paul: we could take some of it to CCC
  • dave: we don't actually know where stuff is going on the final dispose day
  • dave: figure out destiniation for junk
  • this saturday is demolition day

james - computer help

  • friend of mine is disabled, needs a new PC
  • looking for donations of stuff that would be semi-decent to put together
  • jason: i have something i can give you

paul's cnc

  • the cnc needs a parallel port breakout board
  • james: i have one that could potentially work
  • people: we are willing to chip in for that

Next Actions

Remote Access