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We have a Kinect, we have digital projectors, and we have computers that are set up to communicate with the Kinect. We have tons of C++ and Java coders, as well as Open Frameworks and Processing experience. Let's make some sick video games, digital art, etc. List of kinect hacking demos:

Project Manager



  • Hodapp
  • ZombieCraig
  • Eraghant
  • DaveMenninger

Project Status

Got the Kinect November 27th. Kinect is hooked up to a Ubuntu 10.10 Open Frameworks (Linux64). Still tossing around ideas for projects.

Current work is being done on the machine named Slim. Development is installed under the hive13 account in the ~/Devel folder.

To use rgb-demo the device has already been calibrated. Use:

./bin/rgbd-viewer --calibration kinect_calibration.yml

Basic configuration

We are using arturo's branch of ofxKinect. If you want to start over with a fresh copy:

git clone
git clone

To check out a demo in openframeworks (which works!)

codeblocks /home/hive13/Devel/of_preRelease_v0062_linux64_FAT/apps/examples/ofxKinect/kinectExample.cbp - Guy having same problems as us, the resolution is to add addons/ofxKinect/libfreenect/tilt.c to the project

Note: codeblocks must be run as root, otherwise it can't access some libraries/ object files

Update(12/7/10): Need to clean up the code still, but we have our first demo! A ball bounces around the screen, if it hits you it bounces off. Flips the screen to make it a little easier to block the ball.

Update(12/8/10): Fakenect is working now. In console type:


Where FAKENECT_PATH is your pre-recorded kinect footage, LD_PRELOAD is the fakenect's special driver, and glview is the standard test program that comes with the driver.

To record video,

mkdir /home/hive13/Desktop/libfreenect/build/utils/temp2
/home/hive13/Desktop/libfreenect/build/utils/record temp2

Note: You must make the directory before outputting video to it.

So far it doesn't work with our programs. It only works with glview. I think that is because our programs are compile in debug mode currently, so maybe they can't dynamically link to a new library. Or something. We'll figure it out later.

Project Needs

  • Project Ideas
  • Artists (No coding experience needed necessarily)
  • Coders (No artistic qualities needed necessarily)
  • To learn Cinder, a C++ creative coding API
  • More publicity (post flyers that linked below, talk to friends that might be interested, tweet, blog
  • A Fast Fourier Transform that will help find beats of songs, or some other technique to find beats for songs. Anyone know something that could help?

Project Updates

Nov. 30th, 2010.

Open Frameworks is installed on the computer the kinect is attached to.

Dec 2nd, 2010.

Flyers posted at DAAP. Hopefully students that lack the proper equipment or technical know-how will come collaborate on some projects. Note: student memberships are only $13.37.