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Kris donated an old computer Kiosk machine that has a touch screen in it. Currently the CPU fan is dead and its working condition is not entirely known.

People involved with this project

Goal of the Project

The goal of this project is to restore the machine to fully operational condition and install it in the space. I want to create a custom front end UI for it as well that makes it really easy to do space related activities such as:

  • Create a end terminal for accessing the internet from the space.
  • Tie into the Vending machine so that people could buy an item offline, then trigger its delivery in the vending machine.
  • Have access to the space inventory website (When it gets set up)
  • Have an easy list of the groups members and contact information.
  • Augmented Reality gimmick w/ cards, shirts, and anything else with the markings on them. We'll need a mediocre webcam too. We'll be using FLARToolKit and flash to get the job done.

What needs to be done

  • Decide on an OS to install on the machine, then install it.
    • We are working with 128 MB of RAM (unknown type, only 1 slot)
    • Has 1 Ghz AMD CPU
    • 6.5 GB hard drive
  • TouchScreen is a MicroTouch, we need drivers for whatever OS we decide on.

What has been done

  • CPU fan replaced
  • Screen has been cleaned

Currently on the ToDo List

  • I bought a 40 mm x 40 mm x 10 mm fan as an alternative to the hole saw with the larger fan. I need to figure out how to mount it on the heat sink.
  • The screen needs to be cleaned really bad.
  • I need to determine how to plug the bare fan leads into the socket for the fan on the board since the plug seems to be missing.


Work Log

This is a living log of work that has been completed on the machine.

July 31, 2009 - Bought a hole saw

Because I like purchasing new toys, I bought a 1-5/8 inch hole saw at Home Depot. This should be the right size to cut an air vent over where the CPU fan is going to be.

The hole saw requires a mandrill bit for it to work, I believe I have the correct sized one at my house, but will need to double check to be sure.

I still need to find some kind of material to put over the hole after it is cut, I am thinking that maybe some screen window material will work. Which then leads to the question of how am I going to secure the screen window material material to the inside of the case door?

- Updated added by Paul

August 1, 2009 - A new fan


I stopped at Radio Shack today to pick up a composite L/R audio to headphone jack adapter for the space when I noticed they had a 40x40x10 mm fan for $6, I figure that it will probably be a lot easier to use the thinner fan in the case rather than using the thicker fan that would require us to cut through the outer part of the case.

In the picture for this entry, if you open the full size view you can see the socket that the CPU fan plug is supposed to go into. We need to find something that will fit into that socket.