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|contact=Kevin M
|contact=Kevin M
|where=Hot Crafts Area
|where=Hot Crafts Area

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Owner/Loaner: Hive13
Hive13 Asset Tag: HV0249
Make/Model: Lampwork Bench Vent Hood (google)
Arrival Date: December 2020
Does it work?: yes
Certification Needed?: no
Contact: Kevin M
Floorplan: Hot Crafts Area

About this Item

This is a large, 3 ft. deep by 12 ft. long vent hood built and installed to provide exhaust ventilation for the lampwork bench. It is designed to provide 3 independent hood sections with their own blowers, one over each bench torch. Each blower blows up through a backdraft damper, into a common plunum which has a single 16" square exhaust opening to the outside.