Laser Class

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Class Planning

  • Design a very simple 2nd part for people to cut during the class
    • Perhaps a Hive13 symbol? Something like NYC's "I Fired the LAZOR".
  • Class Presentation
    • (Tour the Laser) Laser Features & Capabilities
      • Safety Features, it was expensive, be careful, if you are not sure stop and call for help.
    • Tour the Wiki
      • Laser Page
      • Laser Settings page
      • Laser Troubleshooting
      • Laser Class (have the material from the class here)
    • Do's and Do not's of using the laser
      • Chlorine Bad
      • Do not leave the laser alone while it is running - this will lead to your bannination.
      • Check the CO2 can for air before cutting anything that might catch on fire.
      • Love the button. Love the Big Red Stop button.
      • New Material? Do test cuts // engraves on a small piece first.
      • Do not lean on the top door, it could stop the laser.
      • ...?
    • Tools you can use to design parts (basically any 2d vector based drawing tool)
    • Using LaserCut (Reminder about troubleshooting & Settings)
      • Loading your *.dxf into LaserCut Pro
      • Difference between Cut & Engrave
      • TrueType fonts supported
      • Setting up power level for Cut & Engrave (click Compute!)
      • Download to the laser
      • Checking cut area w/ 'test' and 'Run Box'
    • Zero the Z Axis (Do not press Reset while in this mode)
    • You have already done test cuts, right?
    • Press Start and watch the laser do it's thing.