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WARNING: Do not look into laser with remaining eye. Pages to do with the Laser Cutter:

Target Audience: This page is to document service performed on the laser cutter. Please follow the template contained at the head of the Service Log section (after clicking "edit").


  • Dave Velzy
  • Lorin Parker
  • Brett Pipitone
  • Ralph Blumberg
  • Brad Bradman



Summer 2020 - Moved to new Hive13 Location (Ralph, Dave V, Brad)

  1. Initial move did not require any significant adjustment to bed or mirrors.
    CW 5000 with case removed
  2. Installed new plenum between laser and squirrel cage to increase air flow. Noticed that an additional exhaust port was on larger laser. Installed 2nd 6" duct to plenum (new).
    1. Plenum is ready for small laser. Expect smaller laser to be upgraded in Q1 2021.
  3. ~1 month after install - chiller was running overtime. After some inspection, appears that a leak developed just outside the laser "inlet". Tighten and cleaned chiller filters.
    1. Note: Verified that the alarm does trigger the laser to turn off. However, the only alarm that stops the laser is 'flow' of water. The temperate alarm does NOT stop the laser and is audible only. Our CW 5000 does NOT have a low water volume sensor.
    2. Manual:
      1. This has been uploaded to the warden shared gdrive.
  4. Next Steps:
    1. Update laser logic to FAULT and stop run in the event of a chiller alarm
    2. Review options for adding a digital sense to chiller water volume.

09/12/2018: Major Overhaul Complete - Optics, z-home sensor, z-motor driver and laser tube all replaced. Each laser now has a dedicated PC for operation.

File:Laser Order WaveTop Sign Aliexpress.pdf

The chiller cools both lasers in series: Out of the chiller, into the big laser, then on to the small laser and back to the chiller. There is sufficient chiller capacity for both lasers operating at full power.

The small laser now has a separate air pump. As a result, the lasers may both now be operated during quiet hours.

The small laser received a new MPC8530S controller and runs LaserCut 2017. Once we understand this updated combination, we will upgrade the Big Laser control.

(06/10/2016) : Wide kerf, lots of fire, poor cut quality and high power/low speed requirements. Suspect that the metal mount holding the z sensor got nudged up, so the focus is incorrect (Elly Hall)


  • - Adjusted and tightened the mount. (Elly Hall)
  • - Test fired into clear acrylic at different z sensor offset distances. The fire pattern was used to find the correct range.
  • - Performed a series of test cuts to determine the optimum distance from the range.
  • - Changed the distance number in the script file that runs EasyCut for the big laser.

Status: [WORKING]

12/02/2014 : Laser is sporadically cutting in and out while cutting. Additionally, water pump is making really bad noises. (James/Katie)


  • - Inspected water pump. Not pumping at full flow rate, tripping laser flow rate sensor.
  • - Replaced water pump with one from Harbor Freight. Put additional hole in bucket lid to accommodate power cord.
  • - Cleaned up routing of hoses into water bucket.

Status: [WORKING]

06/12/2014 : Metal on metal noise in the short axis (Jon Neal)


  • I greased the linear bearing rails with white lithium.

Status: [WORKING]

  • Working for now.
  • We should figure out the proper grease to use. We should also get a grease gun that fits the nipples on the bearings.
  • Built a small shelf on the back of the laser's stand to put the water bucket + pump and the air pump.
  • The power strip the water pump, air pump, and the exhaust fan are on was also temporarily taped to the side of the laser cutter so you no longer have to use your foot to turn it off and on.

09/28/2013 : Z Axis isn't working, can't adjust table height (Everyone)


  • restored 'LASER.ini', 'syscfg.ini', 'CFG.TXT', and 'CFG.MOL' from Fastor backup to C:\Easycut5.3 on lazor computer (shadoxx)
  • downloaded config to laser, everything is magically fixed (shadoxx)


  • Besides the sight beam still needing fixed, everything is 100% functional

09/24/2013 : Laser says "DATUM..." on screen when turned on, cutting head travels all the way to left side of cutting area and crashes. Laser dot is also not cutting/sight is misaligned. When trying to align the Z axis, a high pitched whining sound is heard and the cutting table doesn't move. (Jim D./shadoxx)


  • Flipped X axis in Easycut 5.3 laser configuration, uploaded new configuration to machine. Head no longer crashes. (shadoxx)
  • Examined laser sight, mounting rod is loose and bent, will not stay in place. Unable to repair. Disconnected sight and removed from path of cutting beam for now. (shadoxx)
  • Manually realigned cutting laser, not perfect but functional. (shadoxx)
  • Inspected table height belt assy, inspected Z axis stepper motor. Suspect motor is either damaged, or not getting enough power from power supply. Will investigate further at a later date. (shadoxx)


  • laser sight mount needs replacement/redesign, unable to calibrate Z axis material height due to faulty stepper motor or bad power supply, cutting laser is functional.