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Cutting Tips

Engraving Tips

Do Not Cut

  • Lexan
  • Anything with PVC
  • Vinyl Stickers
  • Don't even try to cut metal, it will not work.

The laser was not properly focused previously, so new values must be found for all materials These settings will work properly if, and only if, you have refocused for the current piece of material. It is very important that you refocus for every new piece of material.



Speed Power Corner Power Engrave Power Result
25 90 85 cuts through well, but close. Lower speed 5 if you want a 100% successful cut.
300 20 15 very nice engrave, no burn marks
10 35 30 clean cut, very little burn


Corrugated cardboard (Rendezvous boxes)


Speed Power Corner Power Other flags Results
75 10 8 Nothing
75 15 12 Nice engraved line, corners very slightly darker
75 20 16 Top layer cut only, corners slightly more. Tiny pinhole at one corner through the back layer
75 25 22 Top layer cut, bottom layer corners only


Speed Power Scan gap Other flags Results
300 31 0.03 Bidir/Blow Top layer gone, bottom layer blackened
600 31 " " Burns through top layer; 50% halftone only darkens
1000 31 " " Top layer becomes like netting. 50% halftone is not much darker than 0% areas.

Probably a lower power is needed. Burning through the top layer isn't good - any unburned portions are not held on by much. Corrugated cardboard probably is not the best material for rastering.

Cereal Boxes


Speed Power Corner Power Type of cereal Result
100 40 40 Kellogg's Cinnabon Sharp cut, no charring.


Speed Power Scan gap Other flags Type of cereal Results
500 31 0.03 Bidir/Blow Kellogg's Cinnabon Great for small details (e.g. text), but burns through for large regions.
500 25 " " Kellogg's Cinnabon Maybe cuts too thin; contrast with 50% halftone areas is not good.
500 20 " " Kellogg's Cinnabon Darkens well but still leaves plenty of material. Good contrast with 50% halftone.

Engraved cereal-box cardboard benefits from being blown off after cutting.

Pro tip: Engrave first, then cut. Wobbly cardboard doesn't raster well.



Speed Power Corner Power Engrave Power Result
25 70 65 Cuts Through
300 25 Engraves about 1/16 of an inch, leaves 'shadows' on the plastic.


Speed Power Corner Power Engrave Power Result
3 100 95 Cuts Through
5 100 95 Deep gash, does not cut through.

Linoleum Blocks

Make very, very certain that you have real Linoleum and not some knockoff made from PVC or the like.

Speedball Linoleum Block (3mm thick Linoleum)

Speed Power Corner Power Engrave Power Result
500 60 0.56 mm of cut
500 80 0.84 mm of cut
300 80 1.18 mm of cut
200 80 1.64 mm of cut
150 100 2.35 mm to 3 mm of cut

Old Values

The laser was not focused properly before, so the below values are slightly skewed to be more power & slower than they need to be/



Speed Power Corner Power Result
75 20 16 very light burn
75 30 26 good etch/engrave


Creates a lot of fine gritty dust. Probably not a good idea to extensively cut.


Speed Power Corner Power Engrave Power Result
2 100 90 - Barely cuts through (It was a circle, probably was mostly using Corner Power

Foam Core, Black Polystyrene


Speed Power Corner Power Engrave Power Result
30 55 45 cuts through