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This page contains something to do. You can help us out by doing it and then editing this page to let us know it's been done.
Other places you can look for things to do include:
WARNING: Do not look into laser with remaining eye. Pages to do with the Laser Cutter:

Big Laser Rebuild -

On 8/12/19 a fire started in the Big Laser Cutter. Fortunately, the fire was contained to the Big Laser itself. No one was injured, though there was a lot of nasty smoke in the building.

The fire did cause a lot of damage to the Big Laser and made a mess of FabLab. It could have been a lot worse.

We Need Hive13 Members to Volunteer - Hive13 is a Do-ocracy -

WHY should I get involved? Because Hive13 is an all volunteer Member Supported organization.

Hive13 does not have any paid staff. Hive13 only gets better when Members Do Something

What's holding you back?

I don't know anything about Lasers. - Chances are good, You will learn something by participating in the rebuild. You will meet interesting people.

I don't have much time. - As the work unfolds we will break down tasks to smaller bits. You will find something that can

Contact Dave Velzy via Slack or email to volunteer

Things we need to do -

  1. After Action Review to assess the cause and response to the fire.
  2. Safety Review to assure Hive13 Members are as safe as we need to be
    1. What do we need to do? Training, Equipment
  3. Clean-Up – Note: This is a very time consuming step because the crud is tough to get off.
    1. Vacuum up the Dry Chem from the Fire Extinguisher.
    2. Clean off soot and burnt plastic.
    3. Clean Fab Lab to remove residue
    4. Clear workspace around the Big Laser: Move PC, Cooler and plastic material
  4. Separate the Small Laser from the Big Laser – Move it away from the Big Laser.
    1. Close off Big Laser Exhaust Duct on Exhaust fan
    2. Disconnect Big Laser from Chiller
    3. Disconnect 220V power for Chiller and Exhaust from Big Laser
    4. Run Extension Cord for Chiller and Exhaust
    5. Update Wiki and Instructions on running the small laser
  5. Software
    1. Evaluate LaserCut 2017 on small laser
    2. Document the software use and train members
  6. Damage Assessment
    1. Photograph and wiki document the damaged parts of the Laser
    2. Disassemble the damaged parts. Organize, clean and assess the damage.
    3. Specify and source replacement parts
    4. Order parts
  7. Electronics Team
    1. Evaluate the operating condition of the visibly undamaged electronics – 220V Power circuit, Power Supplies and Drivers, High Voltage circuits.
    2. Determine Requirements for in house build wiring harness – Circuit Diagram, Connectors, Wire, Wire guides, Strain reliefs, labels, High Voltage
    3. Assure all parts are ordered
    4. Assemble the wiring harness
    5. Install components and bench test prior to systems test.
  8. Hardware Team
    1. Continue to disassemble, clean and recondition and reassemble salvageable parts
    2. Assure all assemblies are square and true
    3. Prepare the physical machine for electronics installation
    4. Align the Laser
  9. Run It
    1. Prepare a test using LaserCut2017
    2. Run it on the machine

Things we need to buy

  • Charge the CO2 canister for small fires.
  • Get a electronics safe extinguisher for large fires.
  • Determine if the Retina Engrave board for the 60W is worth $250 to us.