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Placeholder to start accumulating knowledge on the purchase of a metal lathe for the space. Please feel free to contribute!
#REDIRECT [[Grizzly Metal Lathe]]
= Purchase From Enco w/ Coupon =
Enco has an occasional, couple time a year 20% off + free shipping on any tool.  If we get a budget approved we could wait for such a deal and pounce on it.
Enco sells their own rebranded tools as well as other brands, the coupon I am referring too works with any item on their site.
=== Pros ===
When considering a several hundred pound, multi-thousand dollar tool, 20% off + free shipping is not insignificant.
=== Cons ===
Coupon only comes up a couple times a year and requires us to act within 24 hours.  Could delay the purchase for an extended period of time and if the funds are not pre-approved and we don't know exactly what we want the window could go past.
=Grizzly G4003G=
$3,550 including freight.
Very well reviewed.
Large: 12"x36"
Fairly large, rigid, well made.
1.5kW spindle
DRO would be additional cost and we would have to fabricate mounts for the scales.
Higher end of our price range.
Stand it comes with is only mildly useful. No real storage capabilities.
Break the machine in for a few hours and replace fluids. Place a couple of magnets in the gearbox to collect initial metal shavings.
Check entire machine for issues (poor paint, cracked parts, bent parts, etc)
Add coolant system.
The DRO grizzly sells for this lathe is apparently an Easson 8. An Easson 10 kit (aluminum housing vs plastic) can be purchased for about the same price as grizzly sells the Easson 10. Check DROPro for Easson kits.
===Moving the lathe in to the hive===
Liftgate service not necessary thanks to the loading dock.
Can a pallet jack roll on to a truck and off of it with the gap between the dock and the truck? Can we attach a winch to something and winch it off of the truck?
=HiTorque 8.5x20 Bench Lathe=
~$2400 including freight
Pretty much equivalent to https://www.grizzly.com/products/G4000
Lower Cost
fairly well reviewed
Can do larger metric threads than the grizzly
1kW spindle
Small! 8.5"x20"
Only comes with one small 4" chuck

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