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New Leaders Need to Learn

New Member stuff

how to give prospective member tours

  • show off the space
  • set expectations
  • feel out if would be a good fit for the community

how to sign up new members

  • intweb process
  • ID checks
  • Badges
  • paypal
  • Adding +1 members

how to give new member orientations

  • startup/shutdown
  • trash
  • code of conduct overview
  • purchase votes
  • do-occracy
  • discourse and Slack

Board meetings and leader responsibility stuff


  • Slack
    • Leadership_private
      • Items tied to the identity/actions of a specific member
      • things like access codes and passwords
      • NO OTHER TOPICS, if it can be public, it should be public
    • leadership_discussion
      • all other discussion about leading the hive, policy, etc.
  • Leadership email/discourse

board meeting schedule and agendas

  • how to create new agenda page
  • all leaders/members can add to agenda
  • don't add items after 1 week before meeting unless URGENT
  • President or designee responsible for cleaning up agenda and making concise (don't be offended if things get edited down, you can still talk about from he bullets)

Individual officer roles/responsibilities

  • Pres
  • Sec
  • Treas
  • CTO
  • COO
  • CMO
  • Board

All Leadership General responsibilites

  • Keep up-to-date on organization happenings
  • pay attention to membership moral and complaints
  • address "bad" member behavior/habits
    • warnings
    • suspension
    • termination

How to find information

  • policy
    • wiki first
    • leadership google drive
    • search slack
    • search mailing list history
  • member info
    • intweb administration tab
      • member list
      • member reports
      • storage info

Tasks for old leadership at transition

user accesses

  • Slack
    • admin rights
    • @leadership group
  • Discourse
    • Admin Rights
    • leadership group
  • Email
    • @hive13.org email accounts
    • leadership@hive13.org email
  • bitwarden
  • intweb
    • board status
    • storage manager status

Transition of old members out of private/confidential comms

  • time?
  • ???

Individual Roles

Old leaders responsible for training replacement

  • Pres
  • Sec
  • Treas
  • CTO
  • COO

Old Page Contents

stuff below was here before Kevin and Kate started working on this


  • Add/Remove leadership group membership – email and slack
  • Access to data files, Finance, Cameras, What else?
  • Expectation of attendance and participation
  • Do we need Nominations for Warden to replace officers who are also Wardens?
  • Teach New Board Members the New Member On-Boarding Process
  • New Member Orientation Tours
  • Intweb general training

Review of critical issues in discussion – Prior to Board Meeting

Let’s do a get acquainted meeting on 7/29. Then have the regular meet on 8/12/19

Building Hive13 Community

  • Social Media
  • Classes
  • Events
  • Group Projects

Expand into the Basement - Cellar Dwellers

  • Why? Expand versus Move
  • Cost
  • Effort
  • Timing

Working with Young Makers

  • Hive13 already works with Young Makers
  • What could go wrong? Eh? Ask the Boy Scouts, Catholic Church, Me Too...
  • Discussion

Code of Conduct

  • "Be Excellent to Each Other" is as far as we have gone in defining acceptable or unacceptable conduct
  • We have a responsibility - See the previous topic

Upcoming Events

  • Made in Camp 10/12/19 + Open house – Same weekend as BLINK – Get noticed!
  • Books by the Banks 10/26/19 10am to 4 pm Learn to Solder

Wiki improvements


  • How to process a new member
    • Take/Check Picture
    • Give an orientation (there's a list on the wiki)
  • How PayPal works
  • Privileged Information
  • Filtering Members
  • Filtering Access Logs
  • Reports
  • Bugfixes and Feature Requests
  • Don't use Group and Curse (they were thrown together to get things done and never remotely polished)
  • It sends e-mails to Leadership

Student Membership Audit

Tally Count Net $
Cancel Student Membership 3 -40.11
Confirmed Student 7 0
Change to Full Member 3 109.89
No Response 6 0
Grand Total 19 69.78

Strategic Plan

  • Budget Finances
  • Five year plan
  • Expansion to Basement
  • Registered Agent
  • Asset Inventory and Valuation – Cross link to Wiki