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Hive13 Project
Learn 2 Solder
Status: Active
Start Date: 3/20/2014

Welcome to this, the homepage for the Hive Learn 2 Solder activity!

For several years, the Hive has run this volunteer activity as a community outreach initiative at local Maker Faires, area libraries, and community events. We have built-up a kit of supplies and materials that get restocked from our outreach account. We typically have a donation jar on the table and usually break even +/- with a bit of income to offset the bit of cost to supply each event. The biggest commitment is the member volunteers. There is a pretty good crew of regulars but we all are volunteers and don't want to burn (<- Intentional PUNishment) anyone out.

The Bill of Materials for each badge is pretty simple. We might go through 200 or more in a day.

- Custom circuit board (we get a deal from OSHpark on this)
- Tri-color LED (it has an internal timer that makes it blink)
- Battery Holder
- Coin cell battery
- Magnet (is attracted to the coin cell and is used to attach the badge to clothing)


We have a cool table sign.


This picture shows four members working one table. Kids of all ages and parents love this activity.