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1) Create progressive locks
# Create progressive locks
2) TBD

= Project Updates =
= Project Updates =

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Hive13 Project
Lock Picking and Forensics
Status: Active
Start Date: 05/12/2010

Lockpicking and Lockpicking Forensics



Continuing on the efforts started by Chris and Sam, we intend to expand the scope to include lockpicking forensics. In addition to lock picking workshops, we will have regular meetings to discuss and practice forensics.

Project Manager


  • Chris Anderson
  • Sam Buhlig
  • Mike Linville
  • Craig Smith

Things to bring

  • Positive Attitude and your experiences (don't worry if you don't have experience, this will be a learning experience for all)
  • Picks if you have them (don't worry if you do not have any, we will share ours and show you how to make some on the fly)
  • Extra Locks if you got em, if brining your personal handcuffs....please clean before hand
  • Friends that are interested in lock picking

Project Status

Next meeting: September 8th, 2011 1830-2030


  1. Create progressive locks
  2. TBD

Project Updates

Great meeting last night!

  • we attempted to print a kwikset key on the makerbot and will be returning to that effort hopefully with more success;
  • we used the Lazor to cut a basic lockpick from something similar to credit or license card stock. The resulting pick was not strong enough to be useful, but this is something that we will be revisiting. We have some ideas of trying to use carbon fiber instead: if anyone has experience or thoughts about this idea it would be great to hear!
  • using the mount that Brian put together for moving our pins around, we securely mounted the 500x microscope and then moved the target. This resulted in much faster results (quicker focus) and much easier to move around for zooming in on the sides of pins and just general navigation of the pin/target without having to always re-adjust. This is a *huge* timesaver! We should be able to process items much more quickly. I have pix to share and will upload later.

Also, note that Schulyer Towne has started taking preorders for his new picks. Check out Open Locksport! and place an order before they are all gone!


  • Set aside a locker to keep our 'control locks'
  • Start documenting and storing 'control locks'
    • determine numbering system for cataloging locks
    • Full SHA of localtime; use partial for web images
    • create web interface for storing/cataloging/tracking forensics efforts
  • purchase some lab equipment
    • individual containers for control locks and processed locks
    • clay for assessing pins, locks, etc.
    • 400x microscope (500x is nice, but too detailed)
  • Build out LockCop (see below)

Stuff we need

In order to start a forensic lab there are a few things we need to buy still

  • 400x microscope
  • Some more lockpicks for general use

Our Lab

  • Rubber Pinning Mat
  • Rubber vice The vice is on the normal workbench. The rubber attachments are stored in the lab storage area
  • 200x & 500x magnifying scopes
  • Adjustable Pin holder for scopes
  • Plug Followers
  • Basic Pick Set
  • Bump keys
  • Pin containers for re-pinning locks
  • Lots of locks


The goal of LockCop is to create a system to help guide an investigator through the process of lock forensics. This involves cataloging locks as well as setting up cases to investigate. Some planned features are:

  • Web Based
  • Authentication with groups
  • Assistance with Cataloging control locks
  • Ability to create cases
  • Assist with recording pictures
  • Assist with recording notes
  • Wizard to help with questions involving cases

There is currently no link to this software at this time.


Datagram's Lock picking forensics http://lockpickingforensics.com/

LockWiki http://www.lockwiki.com/index.php/Main_Page

The Open Organization of Lockpickers USA: http://toool.us

The Open Organization of Lockpickers Netherlands: http://toool.nl

TOOOL on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Open_Organization_Of_Lockpickers

LockWiki: http://www.lockwiki.com

barry's security blog about spy stuff: http://blackbag.nl