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Hive13 Project
Status: Active




This page is for information on hobby and recreational lockpicking and related locksmithing activities.

Project Manager


Cincy Locksport

General hobby and recreational Lockpicking meetup with tutorials, general discussion, and occasionally other related activities.

Hosted by Jeremy Yap, usually on the first Saturday and Monday of each month barring schedule conflicts.

Meetup link: https://www.meetup.com/Cincy-Locksport/

General Skills Overview

This is general list of lockpicking skills to master by lock type. This is will be expanded later.

  • Pin Tumbler Locks
    • Standard Pins
      • Picking pin tumbler locks with no security pins.
      • Recommended Practice Locks:
        • Master #3
        • Master 141
    • Spool Pins
      • Picking locks with “spool” pins, a common type of security pin.
      • Recommended Practice Locks:
        • Master 140
        • Abus 55/40
        • ACE Hardware Brass 40mm
        • Schlage Standard Deadbolt
        • Defiant Deadbolt (Kwikset)
    • Paracentric Keyways
      • Picking locks with paracentric keyways that may require dealing with odd angles and wardings due to their shape.
      • Recommended Practice Locks:
        • Yale locks with Y1 keyway
        • Abus 72/40 Euro keyway
        • Master 410 with paracentric keyway
    • Serrated Pins
      • Picking locks with “serrated” pins, another type of security pin.
      • Recommended Practice Locks:
        • American Lock 1100 series
        • Commando Lock Peacemaker
    • Other Pin Tumbler Security Features
      • Some pin tumbler locks may have additional features such as sidebars, multiple shearlines, finger pins, and others.
      • Recommended Practice Locks:
        • Medeco Classic, Biaxial, or M3
        • Schlage Primus
        • BEST brand SFIC locks

Useful Tutorials and Resources

Tools and Equipment Recommendations