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We get defunct cabinets from PlayerTwo. We then gut them (except for the parts we can use) and attach them to a PC running MAME. We then use them either for the space or for fund raising. This page documents the creation of these cabinets plus side projects that spark from them.

Parts List

This is a small list of what is needed (minus the internal PC)

  • Cabinet
  • JAMMA Harnest (not 100% required but we like them)
  • J-PAC board (if no JAMMA harnest could use I-PAC)
  • Monitor/CRT


  • CRT Based light gun
  • Trackball/Spinners (Requires Opti-Pac)
  • Steering Wheel, etc.

Hive13 Cabinets

This section is for the uber-geek cabinets that exist within the Hive. These often run test software/menu systems and are as tricked out as we can make them.



  • [Hive13 MAME Menu Software]


Raffle Cabinets

These are donation cabinets that are used for fund raisers. This come with a standard set of roms and a public, well tested menu selection system.