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We get defunct cabinets from PlayerTwo. We then gut them (except for the parts we can use) and attach them to a PC running MAME. We then use them either for the space or for fund raising. This page documents the creation of these cabinets plus side projects that spark from them.

PM: User:Craig Craig

Parts List

This is a small list of what is needed (minus the internal PC)

  • Cabinet
  • JAMMA Harnest (not 100% required but we like them)
  • J-PAC board (if no JAMMA harnest could use I-PAC)
  • Monitor/CRT


  • CRT Based light gun
  • Trackball/Spinners (Requires Opti-Pac)
  • Steering Wheel, etc.

Hive13 Cabinets

This section is for the uber-geek cabinets that exist within the Hive. These often run test software/menu systems and are as tricked out as we can make them.




Raffle Cabinets

These are donation cabinets that are used for fund raisers. This come with a standard set of roms and a public, well tested menu selection system.